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Divestitures and Acquisitions

Preserving business continuity through M&A activities

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Information technology plays a crucial role in any M&A and Divestiture projects. When IT fails in M&A or Divestitures, the repercussions are felt far more deeply than the failure of any other function. IT issues can sink a perfectly good acquisition. IT Issues can cause post-deal crises, lead to acquisition aftershocks, and result in serious interruptions to business continuity. Below are the 4 main M&A scenarios.

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  • Integration Guiding Principles angle-down

    Its important to integrate these guiding principals into your plan.
    Using the initial acquisition or separation due diligence template as a baseline, gap analysis and evaluation is conducted at a more granular level to better understand the current operating environment of the acquisition/merger/divestiture, clarify what the target model will look like, and what it will take to get there. At the end of this stage, a comprehensive, concise, and coordinated integration plan is formulated providing specifics on the various applications and supporting infrastructure that will be integrated, as well as, identifying what new functional processes that need to be put in place. Typically, both short and long term integration strategy plans are laid out. In the case of a Divestiture, it’s a separation and migration plan for cloud datacenter, workstation, collaboration, communication, and identity services.

  • Integration Planning angle-down

    The following phases are a great place to start when building your plan.
    Successful integrations deliver expected synergies and value while controlling risk and minimizing business disruption. Achieving these goals requires extensive cross-functional coordination, robust project planning, detailed timelines, identifying interdependencies, and explicit pursuit of tangible benefits.

  • Technology Workstreams angle-down

    Appointing the right team to manage the integration/separation is one of the most important factors in a successful transaction.
    Structuring the integration/separation team correctly and staffing it appropriately are both essential to a successful project. Below are common technology work streams that should flow across all business functions, regions, and business units.

  • Why Concurrency for Merger, Acquisitions, & Divestiture Projects? angle-down

    We’re confident in our ability to make this successful, cost efficient, and effective, while delivering results to enable the split of the two companies with the best long-term operating outcome. 

    We have done it before.

    • Experience with multi-national organizations undergoing M&A and Divestiture (SpinCo) projects.
    • We have a repeatable process that has been honed over many projects.

    You know who to call.

    • The executive leadership of Concurrency is behind your project and you can call them anytime.
    • The project will run into challenges - we’ll be there to make sure it is successful.
    • The executive team who runs Concurrency will see the project status every week.
    • You will have an executive directly engaged in your project week-to-week.

    We have the experts.

    • The team we have can compete on capability at any level of technical scale, doing these projects in 200,000 and 300,000 user accounts.
    • The team engaged has access to or are Microsoft MVPs themselves in these disciplines, with direct access to the Microsoft product teams.

    We have the capacity.

    • We have proactively worked with our demand team to soft-lock the targeted resources for the roles on the project.
    • We’re ready when you are ready to start.

    Success to date in M&A and migration space.

    • The team that has proven itself through its work and partner’s well being.
    • We will not let the project fail and will make your objectives our objectives until we accomplish victory.


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