Case Studies Wisconsin-based Healthcare Administration Company Plans Cloud Migration with Azure Engagement Assessment

Wisconsin-based Healthcare Administration Company Plans Cloud Migration with Azure Engagement Assessment

Azure Migration Engagement Assessment

A Wisconsin-based healthcare administration company partnered with Concurrency for an Azure migration project funded by Microsoft. The project involves a detailed assessment of their current infrastructure and plans for a full migration to Azure, including application architecture analysis. The client is now well-prepared to kick off the Azure migration process, with the initial phase already underway with Concurrency.

Critical Issue

A Wisconsin-based healthcare administration company with over $100 million in revenue is looking to upgrade its existing infrastructure to a cloud-based model. They are continuing their partnership with Concurrency for Azure modernization and migration planning, following the success of a previous project. This project is being funded by a $7.5k investment from a Microsoft Azure Migration Engagement Assessment.

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Customer Profile

Wisconsin-based healthcare administration company

Over $100 million in revenue

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Key Problems

Seeks an upgrade to a cloud-based model

Looking for more security and scalability than the

current on-prem environment can offer

our solution

We provided a comprehensive assessment of the current environment and a cost estimate for the full migration to Azure. This involved deploying Movere to gather data on the company’s on-premises infrastructure, hardware, and overall resources. We also built a Power BI scorecard to convey the projected cost of migrating these resources to Azure. Additionally, we conducted a discovery of the existing application setup, from B2B to higher-level architecture (SaaS, PaaS), and performed a top-down assessment of technical weak points, redundancies, and forecasted fixes for cloud-upgrade purposes.

The results

We successfully equipped the client with the essential data and estimates to initiate an Azure migration. That initial Azure migration phase, focusing on the Landing Zone and Governance, is currently in progress with Concurrency as the partner.

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