The only constant is change, especially in the tech industry. We’ve stayed in business since 1989 by remaining constantly adaptable to implementing the latest, best tools available.  

Some things stay consistent because they remain the best way to work. James Savage founded Concurrency in 1989 and he’s still our CEO. Our business model is essentially the same—we’re a focused, project-scoped technology services company.  

In our dynamic industry, though, almost everything else about Concurrency has transformed with the unprecedented technological innovation of these past few decades.  

We saw early on that a Microsoft-centered expertise would be the best choice for our clients. The enduring technology leader has broad, versatile enterprise IT platforms like Azure and Office 365 to serve their needs exceptionally well.  

Since 1993, Concurrency has committed to a nearly exclusive Microsoft partnership—we were recognized by Microsoft as a Midwest market leader in 2004; swept the Microsoft World Partner Conference in 2012, taking home four awards; and won Microsoft Partner of the Year awards in 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2020.  

Concurrency’s Chief Technology Officer, Nathan Lasnoski, has been a Microsoft MVP—Most Valued Professional—for 14 consecutive years. We’ve had 30 other MVPs in our history, giving us continuous early access to Microsoft products and direct communication channels with local field teams for support and empowerment. This status delivers unparalleled service and opportunities to our clients.  

Another important Concurrency partner, ServiceNow brings organizations of every size, in every industry, smarter, faster, and better ways to work. Their partnership with Microsoft has grown in significance—and we’ve achieved ServiceNow’s Elite Partner status in 2018, 2019, and 2020. This recognition underscores our ability to bridge the gap between ServiceNow products and our clients’ business outcomes.  

The current era of OpenAI, ChatGPT, and Copilot might have been unimaginable to some in the early 1990s. Not to us. Concurrency’s transformation from our leadership in the nascent knowledge management space three decades ago to where we are today has been a natural progression of looking ahead for the best ways to automate and optimize. Through it all, the industry has consistently recognized our work with awards and accolades.  

What’s next? Engage with us as we discover new ways to make your business more successful.