Be part of a team of visionary architects who push the boundaries of what’s possible to create game-changing solutions that deliver immediate and lasting impact.  

Two people conversing over a laptop in a cozy workspaceTwo people conversing over a laptop in a cozy workspace

Concurrency Core Values

We prize these attributes above all else—in ourselves and in the people we hope to work with. This is how we deliver innovative solutions to drive real business results for our clients.  

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Be Yourself 

Concurrency celebrates individuality in our commitments to inclusion and diversity. 

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Be Bold

We ignite real change through brave, insightful, respectful challenges to the status quo.  

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Have a Growth Mindset 

Curious and committed learners are rewarded with bonuses and tuition reimbursement.  

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Be the Difference  

Game-changing ideas flourish everywhere with open connections among dynamic teams.  

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Assume Positive Intent 

We lead with trust, giving the benefit of the doubt while communicating honestly.  

Full-time careers 

Concurrency hires curious sleuths who work to identify needs and create solutions that ignite unexpected business results. Our people are wildly innovative, collaborative, and results-driven, with a can-do attitude that embraces diversity and challenges. If you love pushing the boundaries of what others think is possible while delivering a lasting positive impact for clients, you will fit right in. 

Internships & Apprenticeships 

Concurrency’s impactful internships and apprenticeships prepare you for a successful career with hands-on experience, career development training, and networking opportunities. Additionally, we’re proud of ConcurrencyU, our mentorship program offered periodically to younger generations preparing for IT careers.  

Areas to learn and grow include: Cloud & DevOps | Data & AI | Customer Success | Business Applications | Digital Operations | Secure Modern Workplace | Modern Applications | Internal IT | Human Capital | Talent Development | Finance  

Opportunities are only available at certain times each year. Please check back for openings if you don’t see any on the page linked below.  

Group of people standing outside smiling while holding different color balloons
Large group of people sitting at desks on laptops watching a presentation
Group of women smiling at a party
Group of people enjoying a Halloween themed meal
Group Dinner
Group of people standing outside smiling while holding different color balloons
Large group of people sitting at desks on laptops watching a presentation
Group of women smiling at a party
Group of people enjoying a Halloween themed meal
Group Dinner

Concurrency Culture of Transformation

We’re never done improving, growing, and enhancing. You’re probably the same way. You will have the opportunity to shape positive change at Concurrency—and improve your own trajectory in the process. These principles guide us as we sustain a fun, agile, innovative, and empathetic professional culture.  


Inspired Work

Our goal is to attract individuals who seek inspiration and elevate those around them.  


People-First Attitude

We treat others how we wish to be treated—with trust, openness, respect, and support.  


Inclusive Spaces  

Colleagues and clients are empowered to bring exactly who they are to every interaction. 


Results-Driven Approach 

We deliver the best outcomes for clients through collaboration, humility, and positivity.


Socially Responsible Practices 

We proactively seek to improve the lives of our colleagues, clients, and communities. 


Transformative Solutions 

Outside-the-box, beyond-expectations work does more than simply solve a problem. 

Employee Quotes

This organization makes me feel right at home when it comes to career growth. I originally found myself accepting an opportunity to be placed in a company university program, which empowers recent graduates with the proper training they need to become an entry-level consultant. Through numerous project opportunities, internal coaching, and personal development, I now find myself at the peak of a ServiceNow practice where anything is possible. There is plenty of room for career development here, and I enjoy mentoring others within my practice to ensure we all receive transparent feedback and achieve success together!
Michael Dugan
Senior Systems Engineer
Concurrency prioritizes its employees’ well-being and fosters an environment where each of us can truly contribute to the organization’s success. I firmly believe that work-life balance is something we actively shape, and this company fully supports our ability to achieve it.
Peter Janotta
Project Manager
Being apart of Concurrency has really given me such tremendous growth both as an individual and as a professional. I firmly believe that the experiences I’ve encountered has played a pivotal role in shaping my career. How Concurrency makes a difference is the level of trust and confidence that has been placed in me, and it motivates me to continue striving for excellence in my work and making an impact. You are treated like a Professional and there is a common trust. Everyone can make an impact, a seat at the table, and is expected to contribute, create, and share. This is what I have found and value the most!
Victoria MacLean
Talent Acquisition Partner
Throughout my decade-long journey at Concurrency, I’ve found myself constantly reflecting on the path that has led me to this point. One word consistently resonates with me: “Growth.” This isn’t merely about the expansion in our organization’s size, but rather the profound development we’ve witnessed in our team, our collective mindset, our leadership capabilities, and our company culture. Concurrency isn’t just a hub for transforming the technological narratives of businesses; it serves as a nurturing ground for the personal and professional growth of each and every individual within its ranks.
Bryan Schrippe
Lead Technical Architect
I’ve been at Concurrency for two short years, but it honestly feels like a lot longer (in a good way)! I was welcomed with open arms by all employees. That is a hard thing to do when the majority of the company is virtual. Concurrency ensures that employees are taken care of. From the work life balance, to open-minded, collaborate teammates (always willing to learn), it’s no wonder why we value each other immensely, and have a great core goal all around.
Lauren Lanza
Project Manager