Insights Wisconsin Emerges as Tech and Manufacturing Powerhouse: Concurrency, Microsoft’s Top AI Partner, Leads the Charge Toward Innovation

Wisconsin Emerges as Tech and Manufacturing Powerhouse: Concurrency, Microsoft’s Top AI Partner, Leads the Charge Toward Innovation

Microsoft’s recently announced $3.3 billion investment in a massive new data center campus in Mount Pleasant is just the latest sign of Wisconsin’s rise as a technology leader. But the software giant is doing much more than simply building server farms in the Badger State.

In a move that could cement Wisconsin’s reputation as an international hub for tech innovation, Microsoft is partnering with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Green Bay’s TitletownTech to open the world’s first AI Co-Innovation Lab focused specifically on manufacturing applications. This unique lab will be housed at UWM’s cutting-edge Connected Systems Institute (CSI).

The CSI has an incredible pedigree when it comes to industry-university collaboration. It was founded through a partnership between UWM, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, Microsoft itself, and Rockwell Automation. Having a dedicated space where companies can tap into the brainpower of UWM researchers and Microsoft’s AI expertise is a game-changer.

As a Wisconsin-based company and 12-time Microsoft Partner of the Year, Concurrency is particularly excited about this development in our home state. The AI Co-Innovation Lab will provide a boost to our region’s manufacturing might while accelerating the development of powerful artificial intelligence solutions.

Concurrency has been a long-standing partner of Microsoft, specializing in leveraging Microsoft technologies to drive digital transformation for businesses across various industries. This partnership allows us to contribute our expertise and experience in AI and digital transformation to the groundbreaking initiatives taking shape in our state.

The connections between Microsoft’s new Milwaukee initiative and Wisconsin run deep. Company CEO Satya Nadella earned his master’s degree in computer science from UWM back in 1990 after arriving from India. And Microsoft President and Vice Chair Brad Smith hails from Appleton.

By coalescing the state’s leadership in manufacturing excellence with the AI revolution, the Co-Innovation Lab could spark a virtual cycle of innovation that attracts top tech talent from around the globe. As TitletownTech’s Craig Dickman stated: “If you’re an early-stage entrepreneur, you’re going to want to be at the center of gravity. I think that’s really been created by this unique partnership.”

Wisconsin is already renowned as America’s longstanding manufacturing hub, with global giants like Rockwell, Kohler, Harley-Davidson and many others headquartered here. Now, with heavy investments from Microsoft, the University of Wisconsin system, and forward-thinking firms like TitletownTech, the Badger State is staking its claim as the future capital of intelligent manufacturing technologies.

At Concurrency, we could not be more excited to be a part of this transformation happening right in our backyard. We look forward to collaborating with the cutting-edge AI solutions being developed through this groundbreaking partnership. The road ahead for Wisconsin’s tech industry looks brighter than ever.