Case Studies Windows 10 Compatibility Workshop: Technology Firm

Windows 10 Compatibility Workshop: Technology Firm


Concurrency applies a proven methodology in its “Windows 10 Compatibility Workshop” engagements, in which we hold a series of meetings with client representatives, take stock of the current situation, and deliver our findings and recommendations. Throughout, we approach the client’s specific situation from the perspective of applying best practices both as recommended by Microsoft and applying an additional layer of best practices we have established through many Windows 10 implementation projects.


In this particular engagement, our client was a technology services firm. A Concurrency Windows 10 architect met with representatives from our client’s internal IT team to kick off the project. We helped our client take stock of its existing devices, system software and applications. We introduced to them a cloud-based tool to help test applications for Windows 10 compatibility. We reviewed their system management tools to determine the optimal deployment mechanism.

After the initial workshops, we prepared a set of technical documents to further guide our client. Our recommendations included security steps to take, the deployment method to follow, and pitfalls to avoid. Our client then had in hand a clear understanding of how to move forward with next steps on its Windows 10 migration.