Case Studies Transforming Security Incident Response using ServiceNow, Splunk, and Phantom Integration

Transforming Security Incident Response using ServiceNow, Splunk, and Phantom Integration

Security Incident Response

By implementing ServiceNow Security Incident Response integrated with Splunk and Phantom, this organization successfully transformed its security incident response capabilities. The unified platform, enriched with advanced threat detection and automated response features, enabled faster response times, efficient collaboration, and strengthened cybersecurity. This ultimately helped the client safeguard sensitive financial data, maintain compliance with regulations, and preserve customer trust in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Critical Issue

A prominent global financial institution was facing challenges in managing and responding to security incidents within their intricate IT landscape. The company recognized the need to enhance their security incident response capabilities through automation and integration. Their goal was to streamline incident resolution processes, establish a centralized platform for incident management, strengthen collaboration among security teams, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. To achieve these objectives, they collaborated with Concurrency to implement a comprehensive security incident response solution leveraging ServiceNow’s Security Incident Response.

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Customer Profile

Banking, investment, and insurance service provider

Over $30 billion in revenue

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Key Problems

Slow detection and analysis of security incidents

Weak collaboration among security teams and departments

our solution

Concurrency’s solution resulted in the seamless integration of ServiceNow’s Security Incident Response module, providing automated incident creation triggered by Splunk alerts, customized incident categorization & prioritization based on financial impact, and real-time communication channels for efficient collaboration. The integration with Splunk enriched the incident response process, enabling real-time monitoring and correlation of security events, early detection of potential threats through advanced analytics, and automatic alerts triggering incident response workflows in ServiceNow. Additionally, the integration of Phantom automated the incident response process, with the creation of playbooks tailored to the financial sector, dynamic enrichment of incident data with threat intelligence feeds, and integration with relevant tools for automated containment and mitigation actions. Customized workflows were developed to align with the company’s unique incident response needs, including incident triage and assessment processes designed to promptly address financial risks. In addition, playbooks were created for specific incident scenarios to reduce response times and ensure compliance.

The results

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The integration of ServiceNow,

Splunk, and Phantom resulted in faster incident resolution,

minimizing potential financial and

reputational damage while

also driving consistency in

actions taken.

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The centralized ServiceNow platform improved communication among cross-functional teams. Automation through Phantom playbooks enhanced the efficiency of security teams, allowing them to concentrate on addressing complex threats.

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Integration with Splunk provided deep insights into the company’s security landscape, empowering proactive threat management and data-driven decision-making processes, while also aligning with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

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