Case Studies Organizational Change Management Engagement Ensures Successful Roll out of New Intranet Portal

Organizational Change Management Engagement Ensures Successful Roll out of New Intranet Portal

Concurrency worked with a power generation and transmission company to refresh their internal portal, focusing on streamlining site searches, modernizing the user interface, improving search functionality, and providing overall updates. Additionally, we provided organizational change management support through communication strategies, such as interactive sessions and electronic signs.

Overview and Impact

Our client, a power generation and transmission company, wanted a refresh on its internal portal that would streamline the process for finding sites, modernize the look and feel, enhance searchability and update overall functionality.

Our client’s internal development group, as well as its corporate communications team, recognized the need to ensure a smooth transition from the existing system to the modernized one. In fact, the CIO set a goal that this rollout be the client’s best-communicated project ever.

So, in addition to our engagement to plan and build the SharePoint environment, we also provided organizational change management (OCM) support.


As the Concurrency SharePoint team conducted discovery sessions to begin planning the new portal, a Concurrency’s business analyst also worked closely with the client’s HR and corporate communication teams to ensure they were comfortable with the new portal and in sync with the technology and project teams. From early on, we discussed out-of-the-box ideas our client could employ to effectively communicate to users—going beyond just a simple email.

Communication and Training

We provided insight and recommendations to work through a plan, providing best practices after discussing these ideas. The client held interactive sessions at coffee shops that had project team members on site to perform demonstrations, answer questions, provide feedback and share insights.

Our client also employed electronic/digital signs on TVs and monitors throughout its facilities to get better familiarity among employees.


The new portal launched smoothly and met with positive feedback among users. The IT team, which had established the goal of making this rollout its best-communicated project to date, met that communication goal along with its technical and functional objectives.