• Unlocking Efficiency: A Guide to VMware to Microsoft Migration

    Many organizations are always looking for ways to optimize their IT Infrastructure costs. After changes in licensing, perhaps new partners, or product changes, changing solutions may be more on the table than ever. Looking specifically at virtualization technologies, Microsoft offers two main flavors: virtualization running in their cloud datacenters in Azure and their modern hyperconverged… Continue reading

  • Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast

    As I write this, I want to give all credit to my colleague Tabatha Frozena and Sabrykrishnan Loganathan from RRX on the term “Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast”.  This phrase as truly been tied to the impact we’ve seen with customers as we’ve engaged them at the executive level through to the business.  I… Continue reading

  • When do I use M365 Copilot, Copilot Studio, or Advanced Data Science solutions?

    It seems like everybody is interested in adopting M365 Copilot and surrounding AI capabilities. Part of this is the general interest in AI and another part is they perceive it as being closer to how they’ve treated other IT-like projects. The adoption of Copilot is not just another technology adoption. It’s part of a larger… Continue reading

  • Unveiling the Impact of ServiceNow’s Cutting Edge AI with NowAssist; Transforming Business Operations

    In today’s changing world of business operations incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) has become not just a trend but a vital requirement. ServiceNow, a top provider of cloud-based platforms for enterprise management, is at the forefront of this shift. Their latest innovation in AI, known as NowAssist, is set to revolutionize how companies function and engage… Continue reading

  • Where are autonomous agents in AI capability maturity?

    Does the future of AI live in autonomous agents or is the journey more complicated than that? Ever hear the statement, “every problem doesn’t need a hammer?” This is very much tied to “right tool for the right job” and the same is true for AI, as well as capabilities yet to evolve in the… Continue reading

  • How the CIO to CDIO transition represents a larger move in tech

    This week I had the tremendous opportunity to moderate a panel discussion between the Chief Digital and Information Officers (CDIOs) of Clarios, Regal-Rexnord, and Schreiber Foods on the move from CIO to CDIO. All three leaders were incredible at sharing in a transparent, vulnerable, and interesting way the challenges that they went through. Leaving the… Continue reading

  • Workflow Studio: New in Washington DC!

    At the time of this writing, the latest Washington DC release brings a ton of new features and functionality, but I want to shine a light on one specific feature that deserves some attention. Previously known as Flow Designer, Workflow Studio will be the go-to spot for all things automation. I’m super excited for this… Continue reading

  • 6 M365 Copilot Features I Love and 4 I Don’t

    The commodity AI capabilities of Copilot and other platforms are taking the world by storm. The question that few have answered however is… “what’s it like?” Does it work? What doesn’t work? As both an avid user of Office and a leader in the AI adoption space, I wanted to share some initial feedback on… Continue reading

  • Practical ways developer productivity changes with AI

    All jobs will transform with artificial intelligence… technical and non-technical jobs that require engagement of information, people, or work. The first “Copilot” to release to the market was Copilot for Github, an acceleration of development. The challenge we’ll see here, as well as with all other Copilots will be the transition of normal tasks we… Continue reading

  • How not to fail at your AI CoE

    The idea of a Center of Excellence is not new. The world has seen many successful and non-successful CoE attempts for various needs. When they are successful, they create both governance and enablement within the business. When they fail, they do neither well… and the business just keeps doing what its doing. The heart of… Continue reading