• Wisconsin Emerges as Tech and Manufacturing Powerhouse: Concurrency, Microsoft’s Top AI Partner, Leads the Charge Toward Innovation

    Microsoft’s recently announced $3.3 billion investment in a massive new data center campus in Mount Pleasant is just the latest sign of Wisconsin’s rise as a technology leader. But the software giant is doing much more than simply building server farms in the Badger State. In a move that could cement Wisconsin’s reputation as an… Continue reading

  • Persona Mapping is a Secret to Copilot Success

    I’ve written before about the transition of AI skills being similar to previous transitions that technology has created in the economy.  Think about the industrial revolution, transportation, or the advent of the smart phone.  As I’ve worked with companies that are adopting AI, in particular Copilot, I’ve seen companies that have been successful, and those… Continue reading

  • What to use Copilot … and what NOT to write with Copilot

    If I had to say, “tell me how you really feel” about drafting content with ChatGPT or Copilot… this is my blog.  Let me start by saying that Copilot is a fantastic platform for helping draft content and in many cases actually drafting the content. That said, there are cases where it’s a GREAT fit… Continue reading

  • When to shoot the messenger – four behaviors great cultures change

    What is the difference between a great culture and a terrible culture? The best cultures are ones that are based on transparent and honest relationships among people who care about each other’s success and the success of the mission of the business. I’ve heard the term “culture eats strategy for breakfast” before, but never really… Continue reading

  • Driving Success Through Partnership: Concurrency’s Journey

    As the Founder and President of Concurrency, I’m pleased to recount our journey of partnership and success. For over three decades, we’ve remained dedicated to our alliance with Microsoft, collaborating to deliver technology solutions that drive business transformation.  Since our establishment in 1989, our commitment to Microsoft partnership has been steadfast. This dedication has been… Continue reading

  • Streamline your Clone Operations with ServiceNow’s “Clone Admin Console”

    Ask yourself the following questions: ServiceNow has a very powerful console which streamlines the end-to-end experience of submitting a clone. This feature has been called the Clone Admin Console. Be sure to have your ServiceNow administrator(s) evaluate and begin leveraging this new workspace-like interface, given it’s easier to use and will only bring more value… Continue reading

  • What is AI red (and blue) teaming?

    Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at CypherCon with Brandon Dey on Red Teaming Your AI Platform.  This was a great opportunity to discuss how every security professional needs to prepare themselves to protect the new platforms being created to deliver value via AI capabilities.  Interestingly, this is different than what many think… Continue reading

  • Did you know: ServiceNow’s GlideEncrypter API is planned for deprecation?

    Are you leveraging the GlideEncrypter class for your encryption operations? If you are unsure of how to answer that, there’s a way to find out! ServiceNow has a capability called “instance scan” that you can run (or schedule) a suite of checks (or individual checks too) to find anomalies against recommendations, maintenance items, along with… Continue reading

  • What to learn from Intuit and H&R Block using AI in their Tax Prep Platforms

    If you’ve done your tax prep online this year you have likely seen both Intuit and H&R Block’s initial chat and AI platforms as part of your experience. They both present lessons for companies seeking to adopt AI as part of their business that every leadership team should take to heart. First H&R Block, which… Continue reading

  • Harnessing the Power of ServiceNow: A Comprehensive Approach to Implementation 

    In today’s changing business environment, effectively managing IT services and operations is crucial for staying competitive and fostering innovation. ServiceNow as a platform, provides a range of solutions to streamline IT Service Management, Operations Management, Customer Service Management, Security Operations, Hardware Asset Management, Software Asset Management, and additionally Automation deployment. In this post, we will… Continue reading