• Streamline your Clone Operations with ServiceNow’s “Clone Admin Console”

    Ask yourself the following questions: ServiceNow has a very powerful console which streamlines the end-to-end experience of submitting a clone. This feature has been called the Clone Admin Console. Be sure to have your ServiceNow administrator(s) evaluate and begin leveraging this new workspace-like interface, given it’s easier to use and will only bring more value… Continue reading

  • Did you know: ServiceNow’s GlideEncrypter API is planned for deprecation?

    Are you leveraging the GlideEncrypter class for your encryption operations? If you are unsure of how to answer that, there’s a way to find out! ServiceNow has a capability called “instance scan” that you can run (or schedule) a suite of checks (or individual checks too) to find anomalies against recommendations, maintenance items, along with… Continue reading

  • What to learn from Intuit and H&R Block using AI in their Tax Prep Platforms

    If you’ve done your tax prep online this year you have likely seen both Intuit and H&R Block’s initial chat and AI platforms as part of your experience. They both present lessons for companies seeking to adopt AI as part of their business that every leadership team should take to heart. First H&R Block, which… Continue reading

  • Harnessing the Power of ServiceNow: A Comprehensive Approach to Implementation 

    In today’s changing business environment, effectively managing IT services and operations is crucial for staying competitive and fostering innovation. ServiceNow as a platform, provides a range of solutions to streamline IT Service Management, Operations Management, Customer Service Management, Security Operations, Hardware Asset Management, Software Asset Management, and additionally Automation deployment. In this post, we will… Continue reading

  • Temporary Access: Time-Limited User Roles!

    Have you ever wanted to provide temporary access to a specific user inside of the ServiceNow platform? Well, the time has come for the creation of this feature – time-limited user roles! What is this capability, you ask? Great question – this is the only article at the time of this writing. As a ServiceNow… Continue reading

  • Top 5 AI Concerns and How to Mitigate Them Responsibly

    Before I get started on the blockers, I want to make one thing clear that is a critical pre-supposition to all AI efforts: an AI effort needs to support your organizational strategy and be aligned with your mission. If the “why” of your AI efforts is not aligned to your business strategy and your executive… Continue reading

  • Enhancing Business Efficiency: Integrating Azure OpenAI with Custom Software Applications

    Integrating Azure OpenAI’s (AOAI), powerful language models such as GPT 3.5 with custom software applications has become increasingly popular as businesses seek innovative solutions to enhance user experiences and automate various tasks. Azure OpenAI with its GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) models, offers a robust foundation for natural language processing tasks. A significant majority of industries… Continue reading

  • What to expect from your architects

    The architecture profession is one that means something.  We sometimes say the phrase, “he or she isn’t an architect yet, they are functioning more like a Sr. Engineer”.  I know and the other person knows what that means intuitively, but we often struggle to attach actual rubrics to the title of architect and the functions. … Continue reading

  • Concurrency: Your Trusted Microsoft M&A Partner

    Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are complex and challenging events that require careful planning and execution. They involve not only the financial and legal aspects of combining two or more organizations, but also the cultural and technological aspects of integrating people, processes, and systems. One of the key factors that can determine the success or failure… Continue reading

  • Unlocking Efficiency: A Guide to VMware to Microsoft Migration

    Many organizations are always looking for ways to optimize their IT Infrastructure costs. After changes in licensing, perhaps new partners, or product changes, changing solutions may be more on the table than ever. Looking specifically at virtualization technologies, Microsoft offers two main flavors: virtualization running in their cloud datacenters in Azure and their modern hyperconverged… Continue reading