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Wis-Pak upgrades SharePoint environment, conglomerating server farm and maintaining custom solutions


Wis-Pak’s information technology team desired to upgrade its existing SharePoint environment to the latest version while also bringing together its extranet and intranet into a consolidated farm architecture for better use and management.


Working closely with the Wis-Pak team, we assisted in this project to upgrade from SharePoint 2010, which was coming to the end of its official support period by Microsoft.

This project is best described as an upgrade, rather than a migration. As such, one of the main focus areas was to identify and address customizations and other aspects of the existing setup that wouldn’t work smoothly post upgrade. We worked side-by-side the Wis-Pak team in the testing process and in upgrading custom solutions to ensure smooth operation in the SharePoint 2013 environment.

The project consisted of two phases: first, the intranet, and second, the extranet. The end result was to conglomerate the setups onto a consolidated architecture, consisting of all new on-premises hardware.

The end result of the project was a well-functioning environment on a supported platform with custom solutions maintained. These positive results were aided by substantial end-user feedback throughout upgrade preparations and a close working relationship with the Wis-Pak team.

“What impresses me most about Concurrency team members is their deep knowledge of each of their areas of expertise and beyond. Also, not only do they keep the client involved in whatever capacity they are comfortable with, but they really take the time to get to know the client team members. It is always a pleasure work-ing with Concurrency.” — Clayton Kratzer, Wis-Pak, Inc.

Wis-Pak, Inc.


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Manufacturing & Distribution

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Wis-Pak is a leading manu-facturer and distributor of Pepsi-Cola and other leading soft drinks. The company is headquartered in Water-town, WI and has facilities throughout the central U.S.