Windows 10 Compatibility Workshop: Manufacturer

Our client, a well-known manufacturing firm, requested an engagement to ascertain its readiness to migrate to Windows 10.

Concurrency applies a proven methodology in its “Windows 10 Compatibility Workshop” engagements, in which we hold a series of meetings with client representatives, take stock of the current situation, and deliver our findings and recommendations. Throughout, we approach the client’s specific situation from the perspective of applying best practices both as recommended by Microsoft and applying an additional layer of best practices we have established through many Windows 10 implementation projects.

In this case, we helped our client establish how to:
  • Streamline deployment processes, including whether any already-owned third-party deployment tools are appropriate;
  • Ensure security based on the latest security situations published by Microsoft;
  • Ensure enterprise compatibility in its specific environment;
Enterprise compatibility is essential to take a close look at. Most third-party device manufacturers are now doing a good job with driver testing and readiness—but that needs checking. Even more likely to need attention is compatibility of custom software, some of which may be mission-critical.

The Concurrency team on this project included a Windows 10 architect and a project manager. The team created a set of standardized documents to guide our client’s next steps.

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