Insights Change Agent CTO Podcast Episode 16: CHS Inc. VP of IT Zach Hughes

Change Agent CTO Podcast Episode 16: CHS Inc. VP of IT Zach Hughes

On this episode of the CTO Change Agent Podcast, Nathan sits own with CHS Inc.’s Vice President of IT Zach Hughes as they discuss what it’s like to work within tech in a non-tech industry.  

CHS Inc. is one of the nation’s leading cooperatives, owned by farmers, ranchers and co-ops across the U.S. CHS’s purpose is to create connections and empower agriculture. It is a diversified global agribusiness cooperative first organized in 1929, where more than 10,000 dedicated people around the globe provide owners and customers with a strong, efficient supply chain, access to global markets, and products and services for agricultural businesses and rural communities.  

Zach touches on why industries, whether tech-heavy or not, should still think about infrastructure and cloud migrations that could modernize their environment and create better business opportunities for efficient and secure work. On a more personal note, Zach emphasizes that everyone should be on their own journey to gain experience and thus help others with their own journeys, making your team feel comfortable being themselves at work and embracing the “geek culture” in a non-tech environment. Imposter syndrome also makes an appearance on this episode, while Zach and Nathan discuss ways to combat it, including acknowledging that you don’t have to know everything, and that learning from others should always be in your scope.  

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