Insights Change Agent CTO Podcast Episode 11: Microsoft MVP Chris Wagner

Change Agent CTO Podcast Episode 11: Microsoft MVP Chris Wagner

Meet Change Agent Microsoft MVP Chris Wagner, a Rockwell Automation Analytics Architect  and tech community engagement extraordinaire. With his expertise, Chris strives to bring people in the tech industry together to learn and grow with each other to propel technology forward.  

Microsoft MVP’s earn their titles through the exploration and showcasing of their thought leadership, and Chris is no exception. Through video shorts, blogging, discussing with his array of networkers, he stands as a shining example of what it means to be a Microsoft MVP and an excellent tech-collaboration and learning advocate.  

From enterprise-related processes down to the simplicity of tinkering with technology someone loves, Chris explains it all, speaking with host Nathan Lasnoski about the importance of letting employees explore and create together to boost creativity and potentially discover new ways tech can be processed, prioritized and executed to meet the needs of not only an organization, but an individual’s growth in their career and life.  

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