Insights View Recordings: Milwaukee AI Symposium 2024

View Recordings: Milwaukee AI Symposium 2024

Step into the future at the Milwaukee AI Symposium 2024, where innovation meets insight. Join us for an event that goes beyond the ordinary, featuring a keynote session hosted by industry luminaries, Concurrency CTO Nathan Lasnoski and Innovation Outpost Partner Todd McLees. They will delve into the latest trends, challenges, and successes in the dynamic realm of AI.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that Foureva Media Founder Jamar Jones will be the event host, adding a unique perspective to the symposium.

Beyond the keynote, gain invaluable perspectives from local business leaders who have harnessed AI to enhance their ventures. Highlighted speakers include:

  • David Manske, VP IT Digital Strategy and Data at Generac
  • Sam Hilgendorf , CIO at Fox World Travel
  • Steve Baumgartner, CIO at Inpro Corporation
  • Sabry Loganathan, Director of Digital Solutions at Regal Rexnord

These leaders will share real-world use cases, providing insights into the transformative impact AI has on various industries.

Event Highlights:

  • Engage in roundtable discussions exploring the intricacies of AI adoption.
  • Network with like-minded professionals passionate about AI.
  • Explore the evolving landscape of education and AI workforce preparation in partnership with LAUNCH.

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Chris Blackburn Alright, we’re going to get our panels started, so if you could take your seats for a minute. 0:0:16.760 –> 0:0:20.500 Chris Blackburn I know we are separating from drinks and happy hour. 0:0:23.400 –> 0:0:24.50 Chris Blackburn There we go. 0:0:24.330 –> 0:0:26.800 Chris Blackburn You know, we told me you’re on the panel, buddy. 0:0:28.210 –> 0:0:29.750 Chris Blackburn Well, you thank you. 0:0:33.250 –> 0:0:33.980 Chris Blackburn OK. 0:0:34.330 –> 0:0:39.60 Chris Blackburn So we are going to spend most of this time answering your questions. 0:0:39.130 –> 0:0:42.110 Chris Blackburn I think that’s probably a better use mikes. 0:0:42.120 –> 0:0:42.510 Chris Blackburn Little weird. 0:0:46.30 –> 0:0:46.920 Chris Blackburn Audio store near. 0:0:47.50 –> 0:0:47.540 Chris Blackburn There we go. 0:0:47.950 –> 0:0:48.400 Chris Blackburn OK. 0:0:48.570 –> 0:0:51.420 Chris Blackburn And we will have to pass this around, the other ones acting weird. 0:0:51.790 –> 0:0:54.40 Chris Blackburn So OK, so let’s kick this off. 0:0:54.250 –> 0:1:0.560 Chris Blackburn We’re gonna start this conversation by just talking about this from the context of I’ll ask one question. 0:1:0.570 –> 0:1:3.50 Chris Blackburn I’d love to kind of just go straight to the audience. 0:1:3.70 –> 0:1:4.880 Chris Blackburn We’ve got a lot of probably questions out there. 0:1:5.140 –> 0:1:12.260 Chris Blackburn First thing I want to have everybody talked about is how did you handle this at the executive level? 0:1:12.350 –> 0:1:15.910 Chris Blackburn I think that’s really something that’s on the mind of a lot of us. 0:1:15.920 –> 0:1:16.800 Chris Blackburn How do we handle this? 0:1:16.810 –> 0:1:28.270 Chris Blackburn The executive level, how we handle this is a business level when they come asking or if they didn’t come asking how do you bring it to them and get them moving down the road in a way that’s constructive and organized. 0:1:28.540 –> 0:1:31.570 Chris Blackburn So I’ll hand that maybe to yourself. 0:1:31.580 –> 0:1:38.520 Chris Blackburn First, I know you have an awesome leader who’s maybe still here, but I’m sure that that’ll that’ll be a good starting point for yourself. 0:1:40.400 –> 0:1:40.950 Chris Blackburn Thank you. 0:1:41.520 –> 0:1:42.220 Chris Blackburn Tim, are you here? 0:1:43.900 –> 0:1:46.270 Chris Blackburn Play good that he’s the pen. 0:1:48.910 –> 0:1:49.960 Chris Blackburn Alright, I’m sorry. 0:1:49.970 –> 0:1:57.860 Chris Blackburn I’m director of digital solution from Regal, so we are currently actively working on multiple spaces within the AI implementation. 0:1:58.730 –> 0:2:5.620 Chris Blackburn So the going to your question of how do you handle that, that decision making level, how do you handle at the executive level? 0:2:6.30 –> 0:2:19.230 Chris Blackburn So if I mean it is partly topped down partly bottom, so the bottom up is for the team, for the executives or for the companies to show what is the value of it, how we can bring it in. 0:2:19.380 –> 0:2:28.300 Chris Blackburn So when you see the bottom energy that’s simmering in your organization, then you already automatically have a need to start making decision in the code. 0:2:28.640 –> 0:2:34.390 Chris Blackburn So from why did this also top down is you need to have it as a structured execution. 0:2:34.700 –> 0:2:45.30 Chris Blackburn Otherwise you can easily follow it into in the wrong place where implementation, especially when it comes to security and deployment of like brand equity. 0:2:45.520 –> 0:2:50.520 Chris Blackburn Creating the right content, generating the right content, you need a structured approach. 0:2:50.870 –> 0:2:51.860 Chris Blackburn So what? 0:2:51.930 –> 0:2:57.110 Chris Blackburn What drives us today currently is where do we want it? 0:2:57.310 –> 0:3:0.330 Chris Blackburn Is it generation based or is it prediction based? 0:3:0.940 –> 0:3:4.650 Chris Blackburn If it is prediction based, do we have the data to do that? 0:3:5.140 –> 0:3:8.810 Chris Blackburn If we don’t have the data, how do we bring in the data? 0:3:9.180 –> 0:3:10.910 Chris Blackburn Do we have the skills to do it? 0:3:11.340 –> 0:3:15.840 Chris Blackburn If you don’t have the skills, do we upskill them or partner with a good partners? 0:3:16.750 –> 0:3:18.670 Chris Blackburn Do we have the technology landscape? 0:3:19.30 –> 0:3:21.100 Chris Blackburn Should we go for uh? 0:3:21.550 –> 0:3:25.550 Chris Blackburn The cloud providers like Azure, Google or Amazon. 0:3:25.890 –> 0:3:29.820 Chris Blackburn Or should we do it in house or private cloud like OCR pivotal? 0:3:30.350 –> 0:3:32.60 Chris Blackburn What is the technology landscape? 0:3:32.510 –> 0:3:33.880 Chris Blackburn And finally, the culture. 0:3:34.10 –> 0:3:40.400 Chris Blackburn Do we how do we bring in the right culture so that it drives the momentum in the right direction? 0:3:40.610 –> 0:3:47.250 Chris Blackburn So all these are important points for the decision making on the executive, and it also goes back to your point. 0:3:47.380 –> 0:3:49.610 Chris Blackburn The commoditized area versus missionary. 0:3:49.860 –> 0:4:3.690 Chris Blackburn So what is the point solution that we can quickly deploy and enjoy the bins and keep the momentum which require and what are the, what are the areas which require system and changes which is going to be transformational journey for a long years. 0:4:3.840 –> 0:4:12.730 Chris Blackburn So knowing all the answers for these and having the conversation until top level is important to make the right decision. 0:4:13.40 –> 0:4:17.880 Chris Blackburn At the same time, the time is 6, so you need to have a conversation Speaking of. 0:4:21.650 –> 0:4:33.360 Chris Blackburn I’ll be very brief when it comes to higher Ed and we think about it, the academic enterprise we typically engage with presidents and chancellors who completely understand that this is an existential issue for them. 0:4:33.690 –> 0:4:39.820 Chris Blackburn They may be focused on student outcomes first, and may be focused on transformation management with faculty and so forth. 0:4:40.270 –> 0:4:41.220 Chris Blackburn Umm it’s. 0:4:41.230 –> 0:4:55.430 Chris Blackburn I would say there’s a broad spectrum of starting points at the enterprise level in industry leadership teams understand the need to bring it in the otherwise it just doesn’t make a lot of sense for us to engage at that point. 0:4:55.440 –> 0:4:59.550 Chris Blackburn And it really comes down to managing the transformation. 0:4:59.640 –> 0:5:16.350 Chris Blackburn The skill sets that are involved beyond prompt design or prompt engineering and really working with them to understand how to tie it to existing strategic objectives, whether they’re in the midst of a different transformation or it’s status quo business. 0:5:16.360 –> 0:5:24.830 Chris Blackburn How how do we tie to the business objectives to to find ways to amplify the success related to those objectives? 0:5:28.560 –> 0:5:30.210 Chris Blackburn Like it’s go, you get to go. 0:5:30.680 –> 0:5:36.120 Chris Blackburn Alright, so, alright, so organizationally Jim Savage said go for it. 0:5:36.290 –> 0:5:43.230 Chris Blackburn Uh really wasn’t any convincing, but when I started here at concurrency like six years ago, we were doing machine learning. 0:5:43.240 –> 0:5:52.980 Chris Blackburn We were doing owls before the school and but at that time it was deeper multi year, multi $1,000,000 projects. 0:5:53.210 –> 0:5:56.650 Chris Blackburn They didn’t go under the radar and I mean, this is something you went and got approved. 0:5:57.290 –> 0:6:5.440 Chris Blackburn So there really wasn’t a lot of discussion around it or trying to get organizational alignment because there was a strategic reason we’re doing it now. 0:6:5.450 –> 0:6:7.0 Chris Blackburn It’s more commoditized and we need you. 0:6:7.110 –> 0:6:10.500 Chris Blackburn I would see, you know, couple weeks, couple months. 0:6:10.770 –> 0:6:28.660 Chris Blackburn You know, with budgets of 15, twenty, $50,000, those are usually in signing budgets for somebody like you know in you know management world and so the last thing that we want to have happen is to have a project, you know get stuff down because an executive finds out you’re doing what. 0:6:29.510 –> 0:6:38.160 Chris Blackburn So I think it’s really, really important to get, you know, our process to concurrency is to get an executive alignment before we even start talking about next steps. 0:6:38.820 –> 0:6:39.890 Chris Blackburn So it’s not perfect. 0:6:42.750 –> 0:6:43.240 Chris Blackburn All right. 0:6:43.410 –> 0:6:45.40 Chris Blackburn So I’m Steve Baumgartner, right. 0:6:45.50 –> 0:6:49.440 Chris Blackburn I’m the CIO at Inpro, and we’ve been lucky. 0:6:49.450 –> 0:6:55.160 Chris Blackburn For me, our CEO and our whole senior management group has been very technology focused for many years. 0:6:55.170 –> 0:7:5.310 Chris Blackburn In fact, we do our strategic planning each year, typically about 20 to 25 of the 30 projects we focus on on the technology component to it. 0:7:5.410 –> 0:7:11.260 Chris Blackburn So they’re very used to spending money and and and moving into the technology space. 0:7:11.270 –> 0:7:45.530 Chris Blackburn We started our first ML model about four years ago and have been fine tuning it and then now of course, our CEO does love to go to technology talks like this one came back after he saw the first tech ET one and like, hey, we’re just starting to talk about this and also do we actually brought in two companies help us facilitate a full day senior management discussion like education on it, but then also a brainstorming session and the afternoon we came up with about 100 use cases, all they wanted to use. 0:7:45.540 –> 0:7:51.370 Chris Blackburn It may look like prioritize it down to three and we’re just kind of going on that path. 0:7:53.890 –> 0:8:1.640 Chris Blackburn So it’s a pretty simple answer the same way to convince my 11 year old to do something somebody else tell them. 0:8:2.450 –> 0:8:14.300 Chris Blackburn In this case, we had a maybe come in and do a presentation to our executive team, propose the workshop, did a half a day virtual workshop across the company. 0:8:14.610 –> 0:8:19.340 Chris Blackburn Just idea generation talking about how I can help them got out of that. 0:8:19.430 –> 0:8:23.540 Chris Blackburn It was like, Oh my gosh, you have all these great ideas to me to do all of them right now. 0:8:23.830 –> 0:8:26.690 Chris Blackburn And that’s what started the ball rolling and has not stopped since. 0:8:27.280 –> 0:8:32.320 Chris Blackburn No, I’m gonna tie on at that from a 12 year old perspective. 0:8:32.830 –> 0:8:33.960 Chris Blackburn And I have a 12 year old. 0:8:33.970 –> 0:8:38.680 Chris Blackburn The other way to get them to do something is safe here, but it’s just caution, right? 0:8:38.690 –> 0:8:45.80 Chris Blackburn It’s going into organizations and cautioning them on the dangers of jumping feet. 0:8:45.90 –> 0:9:1.170 Chris Blackburn 1st at first if you like to call it into any kind of technology decision, I think the the the end of the end of Brian and Brandon here being able to have some of those large funded data and development projects on the modern work side. 0:9:1.180 –> 0:9:2.250 Chris Blackburn It hasn’t been so easy. 0:9:2.440 –> 0:9:11.350 Chris Blackburn It’s been really, it’s the advent of the commodity and really the buzz around it that has generated some of that interest and some of the conversations. 0:9:11.360 –> 0:9:15.830 Chris Blackburn And if you were one of the to break out Sessions I had today, it was caution really. 0:9:15.840 –> 0:9:21.870 Chris Blackburn It’s speaking about before you jump in to any of these AI type of projects. 0:9:21.940 –> 0:9:23.590 Chris Blackburn What are the guardrails around it? 0:9:23.600 –> 0:9:32.560 Chris Blackburn I think that conversation really does go even above it, and it goes to leadership if you are able to get that conversation with them. 0:9:32.750 –> 0:9:43.220 Chris Blackburn While a lot of executives love to hear about AI and to really get into using some of it, I think they also have that other cat of that caution. 0:9:43.410 –> 0:9:45.520 Chris Blackburn And how do we stay out of the news? 0:9:45.530 –> 0:9:48.80 Chris Blackburn How do we implement something successfully? 0:9:48.90 –> 0:9:51.280 Chris Blackburn How do we not waste funds around some of these technologies? 0:9:51.290 –> 0:9:55.670 Chris Blackburn So that’s my input from a modern work perspective and love to hear Brandon has the same. 0:9:57.800 –> 0:10:0.30 Chris Blackburn I was not here for the question, but. 0:10:3.250 –> 0:10:9.340 Chris Blackburn So so far as I understand it, it was what is required to get started. 0:10:9.350 –> 0:10:10.670 Chris Blackburn I go for it. 0:10:10.680 –> 0:10:10.780 Chris Blackburn Yeah. 0:10:10.980 –> 0:10:12.470 Chris Blackburn The only, yeah. 0:10:12.480 –> 0:10:14.280 Chris Blackburn I feel executive level, I think. 0:10:14.420 –> 0:10:18.350 Chris Blackburn And then use the data you need for starters. 0:10:18.350 –> 0:10:25.590 Chris Blackburn And I don’t mean that query like you do need to have created or start treating your data like first class citizen, right. 0:10:25.600 –> 0:10:26.490 Chris Blackburn Garbage in, garbage out. 0:10:26.500 –> 0:10:27.810 Chris Blackburn It’s not new information. 0:10:29.530 –> 0:10:42.690 Chris Blackburn You can also facilitate the ease with which you make the decision to move to AI by not thinking of it as a distinctly different thing from BI or data work. 0:10:42.700 –> 0:10:56.850 Chris Blackburn Now you can make a strong argument that is very different, but if you’re not talking about generative AI and you have a BI team whose responsibility it is to service their right information at the right time to the right people, that’s what machine learning does. 0:10:57.0 –> 0:10:57.810 Chris Blackburn Look very good at. 0:10:57.820 –> 0:10:59.660 Chris Blackburn It’s just doing that in different ways, right? 0:11:0.310 –> 0:11:1.160 Chris Blackburn Using different techniques. 0:11:6.640 –> 0:11:7.260 Chris Blackburn I mean, that’s where. 0:11:9.370 –> 0:11:11.640 Chris Blackburn The simplify it right and to get started right we don’t. 0:11:11.650 –> 0:11:17.540 Chris Blackburn I think sometimes there’s fear the result of walling it off as this animal that’s different, right? 0:11:17.910 –> 0:11:21.70 Chris Blackburn That’s true in some cases, but it’s also false in most of them. 0:11:22.630 –> 0:11:23.90 Chris Blackburn Get started. 0:11:24.720 –> 0:11:28.350 Chris Blackburn Belfast be comfortable with and that’s a good part of the whole process. 0:11:28.820 –> 0:11:33.430 Chris Blackburn Umm, we can be concerned about security and all that, and rightfully so. 0:11:34.10 –> 0:11:35.560 Chris Blackburn But you never have to the system on right. 0:11:35.570 –> 0:11:41.910 Chris Blackburn You can do that all offline, that’s OK and it’s a critical and should be the primary step of of any of these projects. 0:11:41.920 –> 0:11:45.90 Chris Blackburn So I guess my recommendation some would be. 0:11:46.960 –> 0:11:48.970 Chris Blackburn Treat your data like first class citizen. 0:11:48.980 –> 0:11:54.140 Chris Blackburn Don’t consider it too distinct from BI and don’t be afraid to start. 0:11:56.390 –> 0:12:3.610 Chris Blackburn I have a I have a big success going to chat, so since we are the question is from the executive level. 0:12:5.720 –> 0:12:10.90 Chris Blackburn Since the question is from the executive level, I want to chat with access story from Jen. 0:12:10.890 –> 0:12:18.510 Chris Blackburn So our CID, when he come in, he partnered with the CEO and the and say, hey, I have a cool idea. 0:12:18.520 –> 0:12:21.570 Chris Blackburn Let’s do a hacker, he, he said. 0:12:21.580 –> 0:12:23.620 Chris Blackburn Like bacteria is much more cautious. 0:12:24.170 –> 0:12:25.660 Chris Blackburn Are you sure it’s gonna work? 0:12:25.670 –> 0:12:27.80 Chris Blackburn We have never done it here. 0:12:27.930 –> 0:12:28.670 Chris Blackburn I’ll make it work. 0:12:28.810 –> 0:12:30.820 Chris Blackburn So he went to the business partners. 0:12:30.830 –> 0:12:31.770 Chris Blackburn What are your problems? 0:12:32.690 –> 0:12:33.900 Chris Blackburn I have XYZ. 0:12:34.410 –> 0:12:40.80 Chris Blackburn He brought him to the team and say, hey, these XYZ let’s create a hat account to solve it using AI. 0:12:41.690 –> 0:12:44.310 Chris Blackburn He pushed through the during the December. 0:12:45.80 –> 0:12:56.370 Chris Blackburn Had everyone come to the Chicago on January 4th, we organize everything during the holidays like I don’t know how it happened, but we organized it so the cool part is there was an momentum. 0:12:56.380 –> 0:13:0.290 Chris Blackburn Creative business partners are now involved. 0:13:0.300 –> 0:13:1.230 Chris Blackburn Suite is involved. 0:13:1.560 –> 0:13:4.250 Chris Blackburn The keenness involved, they’re all in there. 0:13:4.380 –> 0:13:6.130 Chris Blackburn This is the first time they are experiencing. 0:13:6.680 –> 0:13:18.120 Chris Blackburn They all produce output on the page of that, and now right now we are pursuing all the file outputs to the production and one of the output is getting showcased in the sales conference next week. 0:13:18.620 –> 0:13:21.70 Chris Blackburn So that is the amount of momentum it generated. 0:13:21.320 –> 0:13:37.0 Chris Blackburn So once people start seeing the whole once people start seeing that action field once people are involved in the decision making or problem solving, you start to generate the momentum and this quick wins isn’t will immediately get the point to that pick. 0:13:37.10 –> 0:13:43.210 Chris Blackburn The point of the state in the right direction, so leave out of our success story, which you can upload. 0:13:46.630 –> 0:13:47.180 Chris Blackburn Awesome. 0:13:47.190 –> 0:13:51.480 Chris Blackburn OK, so let’s take a couple questions from the audience. 0:13:51.530 –> 0:13:55.440 Chris Blackburn So go ahead and raise your hand and we will hit him. 0:13:58.380 –> 0:13:58.970 Chris Blackburn Yes. 0:13:59.240 –> 0:14:1.400 Chris Blackburn What’s the general cost of these implemented? 0:14:4.20 –> 0:14:5.200 Chris Blackburn Deploying a solution. 0:14:5.300 –> 0:14:6.110 Chris Blackburn What’s the cost? 0:14:6.120 –> 0:14:6.450 Chris Blackburn Yeah. 0:14:6.880 –> 0:14:8.610 Chris Blackburn What is the cost of deploying solution? 0:14:8.620 –> 0:14:12.100 Chris Blackburn That’s probably a good question for Brandon, maybe. 0:14:12.960 –> 0:14:13.640 Chris Blackburn Yeah. OK. 0:14:17.940 –> 0:14:18.430 Chris Blackburn That’s funny. 0:14:22.160 –> 0:14:22.900 Chris Blackburn The dependence. 0:14:25.890 –> 0:14:26.780 Chris Blackburn Typically you can. 0:14:27.230 –> 0:14:35.640 Chris Blackburn So you were in this like application talk where I shared a bit about how we phase all of our AI projects and previously phases on purpose. 0:14:35.650 –> 0:14:38.650 Chris Blackburn And we do that to be risky investment, whatever that number is, right. 0:14:38.660 –> 0:14:45.300 Chris Blackburn So the first stage Pfc is all about providing an economic value can be created from the system that we’re about to build. 0:14:45.610 –> 0:14:50.420 Chris Blackburn The next days is about turning it off right, building the infrastructure to support that. 0:14:51.330 –> 0:14:53.450 Chris Blackburn And then the last is about automation, right? 0:14:53.460 –> 0:14:57.280 Chris Blackburn Making it reliable, reliable means of producing account value. 0:14:58.410 –> 0:15:4.260 Chris Blackburn It and the cost of pens on how deep is each of those states we go, but as a ballpark estimate, you can get started. 0:15:5.750 –> 0:15:15.90 Chris Blackburn As little as the translator data, as little as a handful of thousands of dollars up to a couple $100,000, right? 0:15:16.270 –> 0:15:18.560 Chris Blackburn But it’s the devils in the details, right? 0:15:18.570 –> 0:15:22.90 Chris Blackburn So the more you invest, the better. 0:15:22.100 –> 0:15:32.750 Chris Blackburn The model often works up to something, and that typically holds true for most models, but we’re talking about LNG, where as he can probably attest, and Sam where? 0:15:35.100 –> 0:15:38.640 Chris Blackburn The more you try to control the hallucinations, the better it is, right? 0:15:38.650 –> 0:15:41.630 Chris Blackburn That requires engineering time, often complex engineering time. 0:15:41.960 –> 0:15:50.330 Chris Blackburn But it’s also true for time series forecasting models or in Spain optimization or deep learning models like or reinforcement learning. 0:15:51.10 –> 0:15:55.900 Chris Blackburn The more you invest, typically the better the performance, but I hope that gives you a sense of cost. 0:15:59.160 –> 0:15:59.460 Chris Blackburn OK. 0:15:59.470 –> 0:15:59.910 Chris Blackburn Next question. 0:16:4.140 –> 0:16:15.140 Chris Blackburn How in the general sense, concern should any company looking at E AID about governmental regulations or the lawsuits that are around the house to make opening? 0:16:15.920 –> 0:16:26.240 Chris Blackburn Got its data set public facing websites and how people are trying to come down on them trying to get open air to pay for that type of access you how does that interact with what the business might want to do? 0:16:27.760 –> 0:16:29.420 Chris Blackburn Based on the foundations or something like that. 0:16:31.150 –> 0:16:32.280 Chris Blackburn I didn’t start this one. 0:16:32.810 –> 0:16:33.140 Chris Blackburn Yeah. 0:16:33.750 –> 0:16:50.640 Chris Blackburn So one thing that we have worked with organizations and not to fear monger, but the fear monger thinking about that your data could potentially be given up to large language models by your users on your company. 0:16:50.650 –> 0:17:13.480 Chris Blackburn Technology is a very real concern, and if you’re using Microsoft 365 today, which I’m going to guess, probably over 90% of you are in your organizations, that’s easy to plan by introducing first Microsoft copilot, not Microsoft 365 copilot, Microsoft copilot, which essentially uses those same engines. 0:17:13.490 –> 0:17:28.240 Chris Blackburn So you are encouraging different behaviors from your users and you can do that at no cost because that access is free to your organizations and it leverages commercial data protection. 0:17:28.250 –> 0:17:42.60 Chris Blackburn So that way you know that if your end users are trying to generate some sort of result or some sort of output based on information that sensitive to your organization, you know that data is not going to leave your company. 0:17:42.360 –> 0:18:9.270 Chris Blackburn Can’t say the same about taxes did and so usually walling your customers off from those public AI instances is a place to start and redirect their mindset to the Microsoft knowing that that next step on the journey into Microsoft 365 copilot will give them things like save surge and surge history and give you as IT administrators the ability to even audit that through things like medication compliance. 0:18:9.400 –> 0:18:14.480 Chris Blackburn You know what prompts are the users are signing to Microsoft 365. Copilot. 0:18:14.590 –> 0:18:15.200 Chris Blackburn Can you do that? 0:18:15.210 –> 0:18:19.410 Chris Blackburn Please check teams need, but that’s really where to start. 0:18:19.420 –> 0:18:28.170 Chris Blackburn Is really that concept of changing your users behavior to use something that you know is security and being able to do that in a controlled manner? 0:18:28.180 –> 0:18:29.790 Chris Blackburn It’s probably where I would say sorry. 0:18:30.940 –> 0:18:33.300 Chris Blackburn Yeah, it’s exactly what we did was. 0:18:35.90 –> 0:18:40.870 Chris Blackburn Create an environment that is simple enough for users that they don’t feel the need to go outside and have it wrong. 0:18:41.710 –> 0:18:55.800 Chris Blackburn So I think that’s the first part of your question, which is that little bit of internal site for us the we are slowly take a step of presenting an externally for any of our customers making decision on that because it’s one of those risks and things like that. 0:18:56.170 –> 0:18:59.630 Chris Blackburn I can tell you patients history. 0:18:59.880 –> 0:19:9.210 Chris Blackburn I’m watching Europe more than I’m watching US because most likely Europe will set the standard when you will follow it, we will follow them. 0:19:9.530 –> 0:19:24.70 Chris Blackburn There won’t be a federal mandate, but those, those best practices and those requirements of section out there, right, you don’t know is going to be a position that we want to take externally before there’s some clarity there or something after that clarity there. 0:19:24.80 –> 0:19:26.780 Chris Blackburn That’s pretty well across when we get there right now. 0:19:29.450 –> 0:19:33.470 Chris Blackburn We’re in the complete same both doing it internally. 0:19:33.590 –> 0:19:37.590 Chris Blackburn Prevent what we need to test them better on the external stuff too. 0:19:37.600 –> 0:19:39.860 Chris Blackburn We just don’t want to give out, right? 0:19:39.910 –> 0:19:48.870 Chris Blackburn I mean, it’s very valuable for all the customers to get information off hours and so on because the, the whole life, right? 0:19:48.880 –> 0:19:50.400 Chris Blackburn But we’re not there yet. 0:19:50.410 –> 0:19:56.620 Chris Blackburn We’re comfortable with it and so luckily we don’t have Facebook print in Europe. 0:20:1.830 –> 0:20:7.260 Chris Blackburn Uh Jason’s answer to that question, I like completely support what you guys are saying. 0:20:7.270 –> 0:20:13.70 Chris Blackburn I think the the implementation of a private open AI instance copilot. 0:20:13.460 –> 0:20:15.110 Chris Blackburn Combine those two things together. 0:20:15.400 –> 0:20:26.30 Chris Blackburn They’re all really answering the question of how do I make sure my own users are not spreading information into the worldwide web and becoming public domain knowledge like my code would be. 0:20:26.690 –> 0:20:39.840 Chris Blackburn Umm, same kind of ideas such as like even code, code copilot like GitHub copilot where Enterprise edition of that version is building building models on your code repositories. 0:20:40.350 –> 0:20:42.120 Chris Blackburn So that’s all private stuff, right? 0:20:42.130 –> 0:20:47.200 Chris Blackburn So I think it’s kind of core message here is do everything through a licensed private platform. 0:20:47.370 –> 0:21:2.140 Chris Blackburn Now if you’re bigger question, which is how concerned are we about like open AI, train this stuff on a whole bunch of things you don’t really know what it trained it on like, are you and thereby working again in a bunch of trouble associated with using that. 0:21:2.580 –> 0:21:6.460 Chris Blackburn There’s a really interesting and valuable. 0:21:8.330 –> 0:21:19.620 Chris Blackburn Like licensing, legal promise, and Microsoft has made to its customers around open AI that Shields you from the legal sort of negativity that could be associated with that. 0:21:19.750 –> 0:21:22.540 Chris Blackburn So that’s something that we can certainly provide you with. 0:21:22.690 –> 0:21:34.480 Chris Blackburn Certainly your Microsoft that could do the same, but I think what’s going to happen is we’re going to see more explainable in large language models in the future as to where the content came from. 0:21:34.710 –> 0:21:39.230 Chris Blackburn That’s just like probably the core question of like a lot of the existing large language models. 0:21:39.240 –> 0:21:41.540 Chris Blackburn It’s like we can’t really know where it came from. 0:21:41.550 –> 0:21:50.620 Chris Blackburn They’re not telling us the future versions are gonna have a lot more of that transparency associated with that, simply because it’s gonna be demanded of them of the UK and other places. 0:21:56.880 –> 0:21:59.730 Chris Blackburn I had called everyone’s fine, but I’m going to take it one step. 0:22:0.20 –> 0:22:5.10 Chris Blackburn I’ll go and make it much more general, so I call it rats or. 0:22:5.80 –> 0:22:11.250 Chris Blackburn Yeah, responsible AI task force is an important element of department that you need to create. 0:22:11.640 –> 0:22:14.630 Chris Blackburn It can be a committee of people existing or it’s, and you think. 0:22:14.640 –> 0:22:17.550 Chris Blackburn Whichever it is, the reason is you. 0:22:17.590 –> 0:22:19.670 Chris Blackburn They need to day in and day out. 0:22:19.800 –> 0:22:35.590 Chris Blackburn It’s not just about your data been leaking out in the open AI source, so the reason why we all talk about private equity is the GPS use the data, the questions and the information coming back as a feedback loop, which basically leaves out your way outside. 0:22:35.960 –> 0:22:37.170 Chris Blackburn So that’s one part of it. 0:22:37.360 –> 0:22:42.790 Chris Blackburn But even within the private cloud GPU, everyone is implementing, you still have the concern of your brand. 0:22:42.800 –> 0:22:45.790 Chris Blackburn Equity is the information coming out of the compiler. 0:22:46.60 –> 0:22:57.780 Chris Blackburn That is, if we are directly implementing the text or the image into your email to your clients, marketing materials or campaign materials, it needs a code your brand. 0:22:57.910 –> 0:23:1.800 Chris Blackburn It needs the echo yourself, so there needs to be overseeing on that. 0:23:2.150 –> 0:23:5.390 Chris Blackburn There needs to be overseeing on your data governance for your models. 0:23:5.990 –> 0:23:12.960 Chris Blackburn Removing your biases, cleaning up the data to make sure everything is there so that needs to be again AI task force. 0:23:13.210 –> 0:23:26.860 Chris Blackburn Looking over the data documents, there needs to be a security on legal partnership from the get go to make sure your implementation of copilot going back to all the Microsoft related legal terms. 0:23:26.940 –> 0:23:31.300 Chris Blackburn Is it correct again that task force should be having that partnership with them? 0:23:31.800 –> 0:23:37.110 Chris Blackburn So you’re getting the right experts into the system and overall implementing the project. 0:23:37.120 –> 0:23:48.840 Chris Blackburn So paycor, but you also need to make it 1 level have a task force which overlooks every aspect, not just your GPA aspect. 0:23:50.410 –> 0:24:6.780 Chris Blackburn This is purely anecdotal, but Bill Gates has a podcast called Unconfused Me and Sam Walton was recently on that podcast and they talked about exploitability and transparency really coming along, but in the next couple of years there’s a pretty sizable gap there. 0:24:7.450 –> 0:24:8.360 Chris Blackburn Umm OK. 0:24:8.370 –> 0:24:16.530 Chris Blackburn A lot of attention to to 1st Questionnaire asked around indemnification or whatever tools you’re employing in the universe. 0:24:18.910 –> 0:24:22.340 Chris Blackburn OK, it’s time for one more question and we have happy hour. 0:24:33.710 –> 0:24:40.100 Chris Blackburn I’m on the agenda guards conference and they just symposium as well. 0:24:40.110 –> 0:24:45.80 Chris Blackburn So I did a couple weeks ago, so there’s a lot of public companies that participate in that. 0:24:45.90 –> 0:24:57.420 Chris Blackburn I’m wondering, does this panel you guys recommend when you don’t have an AI platform that is the advocation to deny all and approve the exception? 0:24:57.750 –> 0:25:0.160 Chris Blackburn Because that’s that’s kind of what I took away from that. 0:25:0.890 –> 0:25:2.390 Chris Blackburn Uh, I’m. I’m curious. 0:25:2.400 –> 0:25:2.660 Chris Blackburn What? 0:25:2.720 –> 0:25:9.80 Chris Blackburn What the thoughts are there when you say deny all and improve this except teams like shut off all access to all external tools. 0:25:10.740 –> 0:25:11.590 Chris Blackburn Yeah. OK. 0:25:11.600 –> 0:25:11.750 Chris Blackburn Yeah. 0:25:11.760 –> 0:25:15.870 Chris Blackburn The public side, we can’t put the company data out on the public side, OK. 0:25:15.880 –> 0:25:19.30 Chris Blackburn So my my short answer to that is life finds a way. 0:25:19.230 –> 0:25:20.810 Chris Blackburn Yeah, of course. 0:25:20.820 –> 0:25:21.170 Chris Blackburn So. 0:25:21.180 –> 0:25:36.670 Chris Blackburn So if you’re gonna do that, you gotta provide safe and healthy alternatives to the like fashion, because I think some people stop there that like it’s year after you play, some people will stop there. 0:25:36.770 –> 0:25:42.80 Chris Blackburn And if you block it on your computer, we’ll use their cell phone or something else, because it benefits sociated with. 0:25:42.90 –> 0:25:47.790 Chris Blackburn So I think I think that’s really the core message you have to you have to make this don’t put the head in. 0:25:47.860 –> 0:25:51.750 Chris Blackburn I’m not saying you’re don’t put some companies don’t put the head in sand. 0:25:52.130 –> 0:25:58.150 Chris Blackburn Put it in a position where your army, your employees as strength to be able to do more so. 0:26:0.220 –> 0:26:3.380 Chris Blackburn That’s kind of why you guys are building in dual language are doing right, right, yeah. 0:26:3.460 –> 0:26:10.730 Chris Blackburn So I mean, I think exactly just like when we come in different sizes, different needs and things like that. 0:26:10.740 –> 0:26:25.600 Chris Blackburn But I can tell you, I mean our our base products which was just check GTS capabilities, public knowledge that commodity stuff maybe talked about $1000 we building less than half of an engineer. 0:26:25.850 –> 0:26:33.470 Chris Blackburn We had a walled off environment that we made it easier for you than going out to logging. 0:26:33.480 –> 0:26:35.300 Chris Blackburn OK, bad for me. 0:26:35.310 –> 0:26:41.230 Chris Blackburn It was so easy to to position because of the risk side and movies. 0:26:45.40 –> 0:26:51.940 Chris Blackburn I wanna give an example to Sams as an act for the life finds away nothing. 0:26:52.40 –> 0:26:53.460 Chris Blackburn No new points, but an example. 0:26:54.940 –> 0:27:6.220 Chris Blackburn One other employee, I mean when you restrict that says you do not have an alternative, takes the the Microsoft Teams stream provides you the option for your meeting. 0:27:7.180 –> 0:27:8.210 Chris Blackburn Takes the caption. 0:27:8.220 –> 0:27:8.930 Chris Blackburn Put it in chat. 0:27:8.940 –> 0:27:17.260 Chris Blackburn GPT gets the summarize now that meeting information is out in public and meeting the Chargeability got trained so Lifeline. 0:27:17.800 –> 0:27:22.160 Chris Blackburn I want to make sure that do not put that in the so it’s. 0:27:24.870 –> 0:27:29.710 Chris Blackburn OK, so now now you actually forgot to get all those books. 0:27:29.880 –> 0:27:31.110 Chris Blackburn OK, so we have. 0:27:33.70 –> 0:27:33.900 Chris Blackburn No different book. 0:27:34.430 –> 0:27:37.880 Chris Blackburn OK, so we have a lot of really cool things left, right? 0:27:37.890 –> 0:27:40.60 Chris Blackburn So we have a drawing for air pods. 0:27:40.470 –> 0:27:45.200 Chris Blackburn We have some books that we can give away from walking tech hub. 0:27:45.410 –> 0:27:49.160 Chris Blackburn They usually have speaker and then we have your downstairs. 0:27:49.670 –> 0:27:59.180 Chris Blackburn So the first thing I want to make sure everybody does in order to win your potential Air Pods Pro is fill out your survey and there’s a couple different reasons I want you to fill the survey. 0:27:59.360 –> 0:28:5.170 Chris Blackburn First reason is we put a lot of work into this and we want to get feedback to make sure we keep making them better. 0:28:5.280 –> 0:28:7.650 Chris Blackburn So if you love us, tell us you love us. 0:28:7.670 –> 0:28:9.160 Chris Blackburn They really help yourself esteem. 0:28:9.220 –> 0:28:13.370 Chris Blackburn If you don’t love us, give us some negative feedback and we can improve for next time. 0:28:13.500 –> 0:28:14.800 Chris Blackburn Well, those are great. 0:28:14.810 –> 0:28:20.870 Chris Blackburn Help us out, but on that form it also tells you like hey, I want some help. 0:28:20.880 –> 0:28:22.730 Chris Blackburn Like I wanna do something next to you guys. 0:28:22.740 –> 0:28:25.510 Chris Blackburn I’m curious about a workshop, so check some boxes there. 0:28:25.520 –> 0:28:27.210 Chris Blackburn We love to spend some time with you. 0:28:27.290 –> 0:28:29.580 Chris Blackburn That’s also on the survey. 0:28:29.660 –> 0:28:36.510 Chris Blackburn And then after the survey is done, then we’ll do the Airpods Pro filling out, and then we’ll go have some some beers. 0:28:36.920 –> 0:28:38.820 Chris Blackburn So we’ll give you guys. 0:28:38.860 –> 0:28:39.10 Chris Blackburn This. 0:28:40.980 –> 0:28:42.110 Chris Blackburn 5 minutes here. 0:28:43.70 –> 0:28:43.610 Chris Blackburn Something like that. 0:28:44.40 –> 0:28:44.260 Chris Blackburn Do you? 0:28:44.860 –> 0:28:45.150 Chris Blackburn Yeah. 0:28:45.160 –> 0:28:45.670 Chris Blackburn There you go. 0:28:46.0 –> 0:28:48.330 Chris Blackburn Alright, So what you guys are filling out surveys you want. 0:28:51.210 –> 0:28:51.750 Chris Blackburn In the survey. 0:28:55.830 –> 0:28:56.240 Chris Blackburn There we go. 0:28:56.440 –> 0:28:57.460 Chris Blackburn Everything on the server. 0:28:59.660 –> 0:29:0.290 Chris Blackburn Checkbox. 0:29:3.80 –> 0:29:6.360 Chris Blackburn OK, this is the all in on AI. 0:29:6.370 –> 0:29:10.30 Chris Blackburn How smart companies win big with artificial intelligence Mike Thomas. 0:29:10.110 –> 0:29:12.780 Chris Blackburn Except umm, actually really great. 0:29:12.790 –> 0:29:13.190 Chris Blackburn He’s great. 0:29:13.200 –> 0:29:16.300 Chris Blackburn Speakers talked at Monkey Sekove recently. 0:29:16.750 –> 0:29:21.850 Chris Blackburn I will put these guys out when you came out clean up there. 0:29:21.860 –> 0:29:23.70 Chris Blackburn Get them right now. Someone wants. 0:29:23.220 –> 0:29:23.620 Chris Blackburn There you go. 0:29:23.630 –> 0:29:23.710 Chris Blackburn Yeah. 0:29:24.370 –> 0:29:24.790 Chris Blackburn What kind of? 0:29:26.770 –> 0:29:28.790 Chris Blackburn You can get the beer really right. 0:29:32.120 –> 0:29:33.200 Chris Blackburn How you doing, President? 0:29:33.450 –> 0:29:33.950 Chris Blackburn Yeah, you too. 0:29:34.80 –> 0:29:34.510 Chris Blackburn And a lot of. 0:29:36.90 –> 0:29:36.960 Chris Blackburn There’s nothing to do from. 0:29:40.980 –> 0:29:42.950 Chris Blackburn The first day it was over the Midwest. 0:29:43.660 –> 0:29:43.970 Chris Blackburn Yeah. 0:29:44.370 –> 0:29:45.240 Chris Blackburn The name is nice. 0:29:45.420 –> 0:29:45.880 Chris Blackburn Yeah. 0:29:45.890 –> 0:29:46.0 Chris Blackburn Yeah. 0:29:46.300 –> 0:29:47.150 Chris Blackburn And I’m in the. 0:29:58.690 –> 0:29:59.830 Chris Blackburn It was warm today. 0:30:10.30 –> 0:30:10.700 Chris Blackburn Yeah, there were. 0:30:12.260 –> 0:30:15.520 Chris Blackburn Only hire people that are 65 the. 0:30:17.670 –> 0:30:18.60 Chris Blackburn You get it. 0:30:28.150 –> 0:30:30.140 Chris Blackburn The work locally, the seven. 0:30:34.110 –> 0:30:38.370 Chris Blackburn In July, they’re going to be a minimum of 6 workshops. 0:30:38.920 –> 0:30:53.170 Chris Blackburn One of them is July WMAT CW, and even some of them are not that just starting the journey on AI and Jen AI at those might be a good opportunity. 0:30:54.540 –> 0:31:2.810 Chris Blackburn You have the to help expose people like at Regal Rexnord just talking about hackathons and challenges and so forth. 0:31:3.260 –> 0:31:12.930 Chris Blackburn That’s how those events will be geared, and if you connect with me on LinkedIn, I’ll make sure that you get that information on when those opportunities are announced. 0:31:15.390 –> 0:31:15.810 Chris Blackburn Awesome. 0:31:15.820 –> 0:31:16.150 Chris Blackburn Thank you. 0:31:18.570 –> 0:31:21.310 Chris Blackburn OK, everybody, the survey that is going to. 0:31:22.700 –> 0:31:22.940 Chris Blackburn Let me. 0:31:26.570 –> 0:31:27.110 Chris Blackburn Moments. 0:31:29.290 –> 0:31:30.210 Chris Blackburn I’m Gray. 0:31:32.330 –> 0:31:33.680 Chris Blackburn I’ll say one additional thing. 0:31:33.690 –> 0:31:36.420 Chris Blackburn I really appreciate the LinkedIn police community. 0:31:36.430 –> 0:31:37.840 Chris Blackburn Please connect with us on LinkedIn. 0:31:37.850 –> 0:31:39.320 Chris Blackburn Follow us like we.