Insights Midwest Azure OpenAI Summit – Edina, MN: Watch the Recording Now!

Midwest Azure OpenAI Summit – Edina, MN: Watch the Recording Now!

Join us for this exclusive in-person event!

The Midwest Azure OpenAI Summit is a must-attend event for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. The summit will feature a series of sessions that will provide practical insights and strategies on how to apply AI to drive revenue, operational savings, and growth for your business. Our program will be packed with key AI innovators discussing a range of innovative and thought-provoking topics including:

  • Keynote Speaker Microsoft Chief Data & Analytics Officer Erik Zwiefel: Learn about how inspiring IT leaders talk about the ways they are applying AI in their business. Learn about practical and real outcomes driven by AI that create new revenue or operational savings.
  • Top Production Use Cases for Revenue and Operations: Curious about the top use cases and how to apply them to your business? The Concurrency team will walk through production use cases for completed clients, showing scenarios ranging from generative AI to supply chain. Get the chance to experience the platforms for yourself with interactive demos. We’ll also cover vertical-specific use cases such as Manufacturing, Logistics, ISV, and FinServ.
  • How to Get Started with AI. What Works. What Doesn’t: So… you want to get started with AI, but aren’t exactly sure how? Concurrency will walk through learnings (with special guests) on how to get started with envisioning, creating your priority list, and attacking your first pilot. We’ll also spend time on scaled deployment models, security, ML Ops, and ethics patterns that accompany the topic.
  • Copilot, Semantic Kernel, Bing Chat Enterprise, Custom – Where do they Fit: How do commodity AI and company-specific AI fit together? Do they coexist and how do you avoid investing in the wrong thing? We’ll deep dive into Microsoft’s new commodity capability releases and talk about the future of AI in the context of applying effort into mission-enhancing custom AI that is complemented by commodity uplift for every employee.

Complimentary lunch will be provided for all in attendance.