Home Sweet Home.

Our HQ

In 2015, Concurrency made a significant stride by acquiring a 30,000 square foot location in Brookfield, Wisconsin, which now proudly serves as our main headquarters. While this space was newly renovated, it has since undergone further transformations to align with our evolving needs and aspirations.

James Savage, the visionary founder and president of Concurrency, reflected, “This marks the culmination of a five-year quest for the ideal headquarters. Its central location remains perfect for efficiently serving our valued clients throughout the Milwaukee metropolitan area.”

Our dedication to delivering exceptional service has allowed us to cultivate relationships with mid-to enterprise-scale clients, including some of Wisconsin’s largest commercial organizations. As we celebrate over 30 years in business, our commitment to innovation and excellence continues to drive us forward.

Founded in 1989, Concurrency, Inc. envisions, architects, and integrates across all Microsoft enterprise platforms to bring business value to its customers. Clients choose Concurrency for its team approach, top talent, project-scoped work plans and business value.

Concurrency offers a diverse range of solutions to empower your business:

Apps & Products: With a focus on intuitive interfaces and seamless cross-device experiences, our dev teams ensure scalability and global accessibility, setting your business up for success.

Data & AI: Unlock the transformative power of your data, elevating your tech investment to drive new revenue and maximize business potential.

Secure Cloud: Harness the flexibility of cloud technologies while maintaining governance and networking parameters for a reliable and scalable environment.

Modern Workplace: Embrace cloud-based tools and services for increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

ServiceNow: Maximize your investment in the ServiceNow platform to empower seamless productivity and meet customer needs.

M & A: Our expertise in seamless integration of IT systems, data, and processes ensures business continuity during mergers and acquisitions.

Digital Ops: Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving business landscape with our real-time innovation and consistent improvement strategies.

Security: Protect your data against sophisticated threats while supporting the diverse mobility requirements of today’s workforce.

Choose Concurrency for comprehensive solutions that drive value, support goals, and enable your business to thrive.