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Navigating Chicago: Our Impactful Presence

Chicago has rapidly emerged as a thriving hub for IT talent, and we recognized the immense potential it offered. Mayor Rahm Emanuel remarked, “Chicago is increasingly becoming a magnet for top-notch IT professionals. Companies like Concurrency are exemplary representatives of the growing, tech-focused businesses that our city aims to attract.”

Though our physical office location in Chicago has evolved, our dedication to our employees, clients, and the vibrant Chicago community remains unwavering. We maintain a strong presence in the greater Chicago area, proudly leveraging our local expertise and an extensive network of professionals to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Concurrency empowers businesses with a comprehensive suite of solutions across Digital Ops, M&A, ServiceNow, Modern Workplace, Secure Cloud, Data & AI, Apps & Products, and Security.

Apps & Products: Our development teams focus on creating intuitive interfaces and seamless cross-device experiences to ensure scalability and global accessibility, positioning your business for success.

Data & AI: Unleash the transformative potential of your data, enhancing your technology investments to drive increased revenue and maximize business opportunities.

Secure Cloud: Utilize cloud technologies for their flexibility while adhering to governance and networking parameters, ensuring a reliable and scalable environment.

Modern Workplace: Embrace cloud-based tools and services to boost productivity, enhance employee satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency.

ServiceNow: Optimize your investment in the ServiceNow platform to enhance productivity and meet customer demands effectively.

M & A: Our expertise in seamlessly integrating IT systems, data, and processes guarantees business continuity during mergers and acquisitions.

Digital Ops: Stay competitive in the rapidly evolving business landscape with our real-time innovation and consistent improvement strategies.

Security: Safeguard your data against advanced threats while accommodating the diverse mobility needs of today’s workforce.

However your business operates, Concurrency is your partner in driving value, achieving your goals, and enabling your business to thrive in the digital age.