Case Studies Strengthening IT Operations and Asset Management with ServiceNow Discovery/CMDB Implementation

Strengthening IT Operations and Asset Management with ServiceNow Discovery/CMDB Implementation

ServiceNow Discovery/CMDB

By collaborating with Concurrency to implement ServiceNow Discovery/CMDB, this company successfully achieved its goals of improved IT operations, accurate asset management, and quicker incident response. The enhanced CMDB provides a strong foundation for detecting outages and supporting future innovations. The company is now better equipped to deliver seamless financial services to its customers while maintaining the highest standards of operational excellence.

Critical Issue

In pursuit of efficient IT operations and precise asset management to ensure seamless services, a reputable financial institution recognized the need to improve its ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Their objectives included implementing best-practice solutions for discovery, enhancing the CMDB to optimize IT operations and asset management, establishing a scalable framework for future device onboarding, and enabling swifter detection of outages and business-impacting incidents.

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Customer Profile

Midwest-based financial institution

16 locations

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Key Problems

Slow detection of outages and incidents

Need scalable framework for future device onboarding

our solution

Concurrency leveraged ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management product, specifically the “Discovery” capability, as an ideal out-of-the-box solution to discover on-premises infrastructure and populate the CMDB. Taking into account the input from key stakeholders, Concurrency established a comprehensive deployment plan, covering 30 subnets across 20 branches, including 2 on-premise datacenters and an Azure-based datacenter. To ensure scalability and future device onboarding, the ServiceNow Discovery architecture was designed with flexibility, accommodating the organization’s evolving IT landscape. Concurrency also conducted a thorough assessment and configuration of the company’s MID Servers to align with ServiceNow Discovery best practices, which was vital for accurate and seamless data collection. Additionally, automated refresh schedules were established for ServiceNow Discovery, linked to specific IP ranges, enabling automatic device refresh through the MID Server and adhering to ServiceNow recommended ports.

The results

hand holding a gear with workflow signifying support and management

Through ServiceNow Discovery, the client now boasts a robust CMDB. This database aids in identifying outages promptly and accurately identifying the associated impacted products within the IT Service Management (ITSM) capability.

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The client is enabled to embrace future enhancements like Service Mapping and Event Mapping from the IT Operations Management capability. This positions them for more comprehensive IT operations visibility.

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The established framework associates both business and technical ownership with CMDB assets. This ensures quicker identification of contacts during incidents, expediting the resolution process.

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