Case Studies Security Program Accelerator: Worldwide Distributor with 19,000 Employees

Security Program Accelerator: Worldwide Distributor with 19,000 Employees

Note: In Security Program Accelerator projects, we review an organization’s current-state from the perspective of security, develop a plan for next steps, and prioritize and categorize those steps in relationship to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Security Program Accelerator engagements provide highly practical results:

  • Tangible scores in each of the five CSF categories
  • Recommended strategies
  • Tactical actions to take immediately


This specific engagement was with a global, multi-billion dollar manufacturer and distributor with operations in more than a dozen countries around the world.
The engagement was structured around a repeating one-day-per-week schedule, in which a Concurrency security expert was onsite at our client’s location to facilitate interviews, conduct evaluations, suggest strategies for improvement, and initiate next steps to fulfill those strategies.

On each topic, we facilitated conversation to identify both current business practice and whether a given practice is consistent with the needs of the organization.


On a given day, for example, Concurrency’s expert together with our client’s core project team would take a close look at a particular area of concern, go deep into the business factors and technology considerations around the topic at hand. These evaluations led to specific deployments or deployment plans such as BitLocker, Windows Defender ATP, self-service password reset, help-desk-initiated password reset, Active Directory Intune conditional access, multi-factor authentication, and more.

We also created a list of goals to implement over the course of a calendar year, giving attention to the approximate time demands required for each. The project led to significant positive impacts across the organization as our client improved its security practices and systems.