Case Studies Nortech Systems Leverages Concurrency Digital Operations to Support IT Infrastructure and Optimize New Azure Environment

Nortech Systems Leverages Concurrency Digital Operations to Support IT Infrastructure and Optimize New Azure Environment


A move to the cloud represents tremendous opportunities for organizations in the form of cost savings, flexibility, and scalability, but the ability to truly maximize cloud benefits goes well beyond the migration itself. Nortech Systems, a global full-service manufacturing services provider, recently looked to Concurrency’s Digital Operations team to maximize the benefits of its recent cloud modernization efforts.

Nortech Systems had recently engaged Concurrency to transition how it used technology to support its workforce, creating a foundational landing zone for Azure, migrating its ERP solution to Azure and transitioning to a modern data architecture leveraging Azure and Power BI. The next step in the manufacturer’s digital transformation journey was to learn how to best optimize and maintain its new Azure and M365 environment to maximize the benefits of its recent investment.


Nortech Systems engaged the Concurrency Digital Operations team to support its new Azure environment and then later extended this agreement to include support for its M365 environment. Leveraging Concurrency to support IT infrastructure has allowed Nortech Systems’ internal development teams to focus on other business-critical projects such as maturing Power BI reporting to support decision-making. It has also given Nortech Systems the benefit of time to figure out how best to support IT operations while optimizing internal IT infrastructure.

Concurrency Digital Operations is responsible for performance and cost monitoring of the manufacturer’s Azure environment as well as maintaining the necessary security patches and required updates. This gives Nortech peace of mind knowing the environment is being maintained and optimized while freeing up its own internal IT resources to focus on future projects and organizational priorities. Within this arrangement, Concurrency Site Reliability Engineers are available to the Nortech team whenever troubleshooting is needed, additional tech support is required, and other trainings are requested.

In addition, with Concurrency’s “Ask the Expert” feature, Nortech Systems is at ease knowing that it has on-demand resources available to troubleshoot issues or educate required Nortech team members on how to use something quickly and efficiently. Using ServiceNow, Nortech users can access Concurrency guidance through an email ticketing system, and the Concurrency Digital Operations team responds to the issues in the agreed to timeframe. This on-demand resource and accessibility empowers end users to continue their work without the fear of misunderstanding their new processes or losing important resources.


Nortech Systems has the support it needs to manage, monitor, and operationalize its new Azure environment to maximize its technology ROI. Leveraging the Concurrency Digital Operations team within a scalable, flexible on-demand tech management arrangement allows Nortech to streamline business needs required to support this new environment while freeing up its own internal IT resources to focus on new opportunities and priorities to best support future organizational needs.

“Concurrency has helped us minimize overall IT infrastructure investments, by moving to a modern cloud architecture. As a result, we’ve been able to invest more on the most important items to the business such as business intelligence and reporting, and far less in the commodity or traditional IT infrastructure and support,” stated Nortech Systems Senior Director of IT Geoff Rich.