Case Studies Mobile Device Management Drastically Cuts Manual Configuration Time

Mobile Device Management Drastically Cuts Manual Configuration Time


This Midwest-based manufacturing firm with global operations and sales sought assistance with planning and implementing a solution to drastically cut staff time needed to configure mobile devices.
The solution needed to handle bring-your-own-devices (BYODs) for approximately 3,000 people as well as corporate-owned Surface Pro tablets recently introduced for use on the production line for monitoring and analysis.
Our client had experience working with us across a range of Microsoft-related projects and sought our expertise in setting up mobile device management (MDM) and providing knowledge transfer for ongoing success.


The need in this case was comprehensive configuration management that would build on the organization’s use of Intune for managing laptop and desktop computers. The project also involved deploying several additional technologies, including:

  • Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Azure Rights Management Service
  • Azure Connect (premium)

For each component, we set up the software and provided documentation. The results enabled the organization to maintain network security in a BYOD context and eliminate hours of staff time required for initial setup and ongoing management of each Surface Pro device.

This project took approximately two weeks to implement and provide knowledge training to the designated staff person on the client’s IT team. It was a natural step to complement Intune management of desktop and laptop computers, thereby establishing a modern—and secure—approach to mobile device management.