Case Studies Microsoft-funded Mobile Device Management Scenarios and Demos

Microsoft-funded Mobile Device Management Scenarios and Demos


We are often called on for exploratory projects funded in whole or part through dollars available to organizations under their Microsoft enterprise agreements. These projects are ideal opportunities for our clients to take stock of their existing software and hardware resources in order to use them to their full extent.

In conjunction with Microsoft, this Midwest-based food manufacturing company wished to explore scenarios in the mobile device management area by which they could potentially use advanced tools to save time and money.

Our client already used System Center Configuration Manager for managing personal computers throughout the organization. The client’s license agreement also included Intune, so exploring how to benefit from that software for mobile device management was a natural next step.


We met with the client to understand the business situation and their existing hardware and software resources. Then, we designed scenarios specific to their business for the purpose of demonstrating how Intune—and mobile device solutions more broadly—could be deployed to best effect.

In these scenarios, we covered BYOD devices, tablets, and mobile phones. We also covered corporate enrollment processes and how they could be streamlined.

This project is an excellent example of strategic exploration—in this case with the benefit of some third-party funding—to ensure highest and best use of IT resources. This project also typifies our approach of seeking to truly understand a business and its requirements. We don’t just go in and deploy software. Also, because of our experience working in multiple similar engagements, we bring a knowledge of best practices that we can transfer to the client’s internal team to ensure ongoing success.