Case Studies Hyatt Corporation’s Legal Department Preserves Vital Records

Hyatt Corporation’s Legal Department Preserves Vital Records


The Hyatt Legal Department recognized that it had vital records that needed to be preserved. This project had been earmarked for over six years, but each year the task was pushed aside. Finally, in 2014 the Director of Records & Information Management decided to take on the challenge. It was estimated that almost a half-million pages needed to be digitally preserved.


Hyatt contacted Concurrency for assistance. Working together with the team at Hyatt, Concurrency planned and implemented a solution to preserve vital records. The business requirements called for an appropriate scanning tool that would allow the documents to be scanned directly into the Drop-Off Library of the SharePoint 2013 site, which is an Office 365 Dedicated site. The project team established a single content type with 10 data attributes. The team then selected and prepared a Fujitsu scanner for swift and quiet use and deployed PsiGen Capture 5 software, which features “point and click” technology. The solution was now taking shape, but there was one thing still missing. Since this was a temporary project, the Hyatt team desired flexibility to access the license remotely and change the scanner if needed. Microsoft’s Azure was the answer, as the PsiGen Capture 5 software license could be hosted in the cloud. After cost-effective assistance from Concurrency and minimal setup time, Hyatt has now already scanned over 13,000 documents or 78,000 pages. As the project continues, it has caught attention as other Hyatt teams have realized the value this solution offers. The combination of Concurrency’s assistance plus user-friendly solutions from PsiGen, Microsoft and Fujitsu has enabled Hyatt’s legal department to meet its vital records management goals.