Case Studies Health & Safety Firm: Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS)

Health & Safety Firm: Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS)

Our client, a national non-profit focused on health and safety, requested us to lead a pilot project to improve IT management throughout the organization.

Specifically, our client wanted to explore replacing a set of disparate monitoring tools—which our client recognized had gaps—with a modern approach centered on Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS).

As a hybrid management tool, OMS offers both on-premises and cloud-based monitoring capabilities. The pilot project focused on a select group of on-premises systems deemed especially critical and therefore most important to monitor more effectively.

We provided strategic guidance around using OMS to monitor application workloads on these systems—for both server-side metrics and workload analysis. Then we moved forward with onboarding the pilot systems onto OMS.

The pilot project’s focus was on capabilities insights and analysis. Future phases could address additional uses of OMS—in this case, most likely automation/control and security/compliance.

The pilot project brought our client new and more comprehensive insights about the initial systems brought onto OMS. Our client then determined to invest in OMS and extend its use to additional platforms across its national organization.