Case Studies Global Manufacturer Modernizes Workplace Collaboration and Supports Employee Productivity with Microsoft Teams

Global Manufacturer Modernizes Workplace Collaboration and Supports Employee Productivity with Microsoft Teams


As part of its continuous improvement efforts, a global flavor and color solutions manufacturer was interested in leveraging technology to streamline business processes, improve employee productivity and better support collaboration across locations. The company had been using Skype for Business and was now interested in implementing Microsoft Teams to meet its workplace productivity and collaboration objectives given its investment in Microsoft 365 and Teams’ robust voice, collaboration and web conferencing capabilities.


The company sought to implement Microsoft Teams including voice, collaboration and web conferencing, at its company headquarters and Microsoft Teams collaboration tools for remote employees and global locations. It was looking to do so with as little interference as possible to its day-to-day operations and was interested in how organizational change management (OCM) best practices and training could be incorporated to maximize the organization’s investment in Teams and best support end user adoption. 

The organization selected Concurrency to support this engagement in part due to the fact that Concurrency included OCM as a key part of its approach and project methodology. “OCM is one of the most critical components of a technology implementation,” states Concurrency Managing Architect Erik Hill. “A powerful tool such as Microsoft Teams without the proper training and user onboarding is not nearly as powerful as it could be. We incorporated OCM into the Teams engagement to help maximize the return on this investment.”


Microsoft Teams transformed how the organization’s employees communicate and collaborate within and between locations. From sharing documents to hosting meetings to collaborating with one another in real-time, Teams is helping users improve workplace collaboration and productivity. The organization credits the provided training sessions, training session recordings and documented training decks with driving employee adoption and project success and recognizes this project approach and methodology and a foundation for future technology implementations.

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