Case Studies Dynamics CRM Upgrade and Ongoing Optimizations for Global Safety Company with Offices in More Than 40 Countries

Dynamics CRM Upgrade and Ongoing Optimizations for Global Safety Company with Offices in More Than 40 Countries


With offices in more than 40 countries, this safety company needs to track sales-related opportunities on a global scale. Our client recognized an opportunity to improve business processes, including through true “relationship sales”—a term Microsoft uses to describe tight integration between Dynamics CRM and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

To get there, our client needed to upgrade from its existing Dynamics CRM platform, optimize the system and increase user adoption throughout the company.


Our client requested our assistance in facilitating the CRM platform upgrade and optimizing its performance. We began by working closely with two key business leaders to identify issues on the business side that needed to be addressed in the new platform. This included reviewing how users engage with the platform and anything standing in the way of user acceptance. We traced in detail how sales opportunities were brought into the system and processes from one phase to the next. We also reviewed in detail how sales-related activity—emails, appointments and more—were captured and reviewed. Our client’s business leaders wanted a clear understanding of how the tool was being used.

From the beginning, we also worked closely with our client’s internal IT team. Their focus complemented that of the business leaders, in ensuring that back-end details were fully supportive of the system. For example, we reviewed custom code for any potential oddities and the system architecture for any potential problems.

Then, working closely with both the business and IT teams, we helped our client through the upgrade and steps to remediate performance problems. We lead the mobile deployment of the application building out new screens to fit with business needs.

This initial engagement, focused on the upgrade and performance optimization, led to an ongoing strategic partnership in which we work with both the business and IT leaders to help ensure ongoing optimization in support of business goals. On a weekly basis, we review all open projects and identify new opportunities.

For example, we deployed relationship sales—integrations with LinkedIn—for select teams within our client’s organization. We also shared with our client how artificial intelligence capabilities available out-of-the-box with Dynamics CRM can help them better understand and sell to clients. Other focus areas have included reviewing an extension of the tool’s use from sales to customer service.

We’ve been honored to continue to provide strategic guidance and hands-on support. This project is a good example of how working toward clear business goals—and meeting them—in a project’s initial phase can lay the groundwork for additional enhancements over time.