Case Studies Device Deployment and Management Pilot for Global Manufacturing Company

Device Deployment and Management Pilot for Global Manufacturing Company


Our client, a global manufacturing company, came to us wanting seamless device deployment and management, less vulnerability to security threats, and continued up-to-date product support by updating their devices to run as cloud-attached rather than as traditional on-premises devices. While the client’s business spans thousands of employees, a department with approximately 25 users took part in the pilot phase to explore this type of deployment and gauge next steps.

The group in question was chosen due to their specific use cases as knowledge workers. Knowledge workers were identified as the best candidates to pilot the new type of device deployment.


The Concurrency team, consisting of a project manager and two infrastructure engineers, began by meeting with five of the client’s teams to determine a plan of action and also to begin working cohesively for the implementation phases.

Our client’s goal was to have all devices be immediately managed on the cloud from the moment they came out of the packaging box. To achieve this smooth transition, we met with the client’s management team daily to discuss current tasks, roadblocks, status updates, items to be resolved, and identify and file bugs that needed to be fixed. The Concurrency team then migrated all desktop deployment and servicing to the cloud for the pilot group.

After the migration, all security, patching, and servicing controls came directly from the cloud, where employees did not even have to be on the company network. Furthermore, all applications were published through a proxy or web service, allowing users to utilize their devices anywhere at any time and still ensure proper security and functionality. In addition to remote sign-in, the end-user process was simplified by a log in: once a user signed on, their environment would be the same no matter what device they were on.

Because this manner of managing PCs is new, not only for our client but also in the Windows ecosystem as a whole, we also added value by working directly with Microsoft to further improve the customer experience. We also trained our client’s IT team for cohesive operationalization, including service-desk support services.