Case Studies Concurrency Develops Azure Automation Templates for Large Software Development Group

Concurrency Develops Azure Automation Templates for Large Software Development Group

Recently we assisted a large financial services company’s software development group with an in-depth project to leverage the Azure platform throughout its development processes.

This group develops financial applications for broad use. Its leadership wanted to establish an operational model that ensured cost-effective resource use while also providing developers with ready access to the tools they need.

We began with a business analysis phase to help the group establish how to charge Azure services use back to various application sub-groups within the company. This required close attention to naming standards. Then, having established a financial model, we also established a governance model to enable application groups with self-service access and rapid resource deployment.

Then, with this framework in place, we turned to design and deployment of the system architecture and—right at the heart of this project—the custom automation templates that enable users to request and obtain appropriate services, such as: 

  • Appropriately sized infrastructure
  • Platform-as-a-Service functions
  • Web apps
  • SQL Server
  • And other functions—all without any intervention from the company’s infrastructure group.

The templates we wrote helped to automate our client’s entire application development lifecycle. To further establish that automation, we also implemented a solution to transition completed software from development to production environments. In this way, our work on this complex project help to transformed our client’s development process from beginning to end while improving resource access and efficiency.