Case Studies Cloud Datacenter Migration for Power and Energy Company

Cloud Datacenter Migration for Power and Energy Company

Our client, a Midwest-based industrial firm in the energy and power space, sought to upgrade its datacenter operations from aging on-premises infrastructure to a more efficient cloud datacenter solution to better serve its nearly 200 employees. Our client requested our assistance with an initial test project to move 28 virtual machines used primarily by the IT department for software development staging and testing to the cloud.

Concurrency’s project team worked with our client’s internal IT team to clearly establish the current state and future desired state. We began with onsite work sessions. Then, handling the remainder of the project remotely, we established a base-level Azure deployment in preparation for the migration. But prior to the migration itself, we analyzed our client’s computing needs to ensure the Azure setup would be optimally sized.

In this case, that right-sizing process eliminated about $1,000 per month in Azure subscription costs that would have been incurred if the on-premises virtual machines had simply been migrated without appropriate care given to right-sizing.

For the actual migration, we set up Azure Site Recovery to replicate to the cloud the contents of the on-premises virtual machines. Then, we cut over to the new Azure-based platform, migrated the virtual machines and completed an SQL refactor. We ordered the process to ensure no strains on our client’s internet connectivity. This test-run project focused on IT-specific resources successfully demonstrated the potential for additional efficiencies in our client’s organization in a broader migration to the cloud.