Case Studies AI Auto-Quoting Saves Man Hours, Reduces Missed Opportunities

AI Auto-Quoting Saves Man Hours, Reduces Missed Opportunities

Auto Quoting

An industrial seals distributor and manufacturer saved man-hours and reduced missed sales opportunities through AI auto-quoting, which automatically generates quotes based on incoming requests. The previous manual quoting process took over 3 hours per quote, leading to missed sales opportunities as customers sought faster quotes from competitors. The AI system integrated with Dynamics CRM and simplified the quote verification process for sales reps, reducing quote response time to under 2 minutes.

Critical Issue

An industrial seals distributor and manufacturer faced challenges due to slow manual quoting processes, which took over 3 hours per quote and led to missed sales opportunities as customers sought quicker quotes from competitors. The overwhelmed sales team, receiving 20 quote requests daily through various channels, struggled to research inventory, pricing, availability, and shipping dates with existing legacy systems. In addition, the lack of in-house expertise in IT posed difficulties in determining the best approach to implementing AI and automation.

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Customer Profile

Industrial Seals distributor & manufacturer

10 locations internationally

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Key Problems

Manual quoting was slow

Too many quotes and not enough team to support

our solution

We developed an AI system that automatically reads incoming quote requests via email and generates appropriately formatted quotes for sales representatives to review in Dynamics CRM. By logging into D365 CRM, sales reps can easily verify product line items requested, check available inventory, determine margin to apply, and finalize the quote amount. The process to this solution included an AI envisioning session, scoping, and the integration of MVP with Outlook. Within just 3 months, we successfully delivered the MVP with a team of three experts comprising a software engineer, a data scientist, and a project manager. The technology stack utilized for this project included Azure OpenAI, Azure Logic Apps, SQLServer, Service Bus Queue, Kubernetes, and Azure Web Service.

The results

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Our solution accelerated the time-to-quote from over 3 hours to less than 2 minutes.

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The company has estimated an increase in revenue of $336,000 in the first year.

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The quickened customer service reply has measurably increased customer loyalty.

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