The Power BI Color Theme

The Power BI Color Theme has arrived! This new feature will simplify adding visual awesomeness to your reports.

Seth Bauer by Seth Bauer

Power BI Connection Types

There are different ways to connect to various sources, but there are also some limitations depending on what method you choose. As a result, I wanted to take a quick moment to outline the different connection types, and in what scenarios you can use them.

Seth Bauer by Seth Bauer

SSAS Tabular Model Development Using Power BI Desktop

One of the challenges with SSAS Tabular model development, for me, has always been the need to fully vet out a new measure or calculation in the intended visuals. Is there another way beside Analyze in Excel?

Seth Bauer by Seth Bauer

Adding PowerBI Tiles to a CRM Dashboard - No iFrame

DCRM introduced a new feature in 2016 update 1. This feature allows Power BI tiles to be inserted into dashboards in a few easy steps. This allows CRM to be a one stop shop for all of your company data!

Salvatore Montini by Salvatore Montini