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People Powered Technology

If you have read some of my previous posts, you already know that I am not one to follow conventional wisdom. Like many of my Concurrency colleagues, the idea of following generally accepted theories or beliefs it is not what excites us, and it is certainly not what drives us.

How we create value for our customers is not by following a solution-first approach. But it is more about following a people-first approach.

Let us explore together what I mean by that.

Jaime Velez by Jaime Velez

Building a Wildlife AI Twitter Bot with Logic Apps and Microsoft AI for Earth

So, if you’ve been following me for a while you know that I’ve been playing with AI for Earth and using Logic Apps to pull images from OneDrive for analysis. I had the fortune of working with Elmbrook Launch for two seasons and over that time we’ve incrementally improved the platform. The iterations went like […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

The Great Realignment

Much has been written lately about a phenomenon being dubbed as the “Great Resignation”.

But how come no one is talking about the flip side of this coin? Why is no one shining the light on what this phenomenon really means as a whole?

 I’d argue that the so-called “Great Resignation” 2021 should truly be considered the “Great Realignment.

Jaime Velez by Jaime Velez

Why Shadow IT isn’t the Enemy

Most large enterprises have built sophisticated corporate support organizations to handle tasks that can be consolidated and executed from a degree of standard. The goal of the centralization is to create consistency and operationalize the services being delivered. They aren’t wrong to desire this and much of this work is good. Seeking this end, many […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

De-Coding Effective Communication: Could Meta-Messaging Hold the Key?

Amid a global pandemic, we have had to shift the way we communicate with those around us. Many of our interactions have occurred using the technology we have access to, which makes me think – what am I missing? Has my communication become less effective? What can I do to be a better communicator?

Elizabeth Fleming by Elizabeth Fleming

We Don’t Need Project Managers

According to the Project Management Institure (PMI) there will be a huge demand and talent gap for project managers by the year 2027. Digital transformation initiative is further driving up this demand. But organizations don't really need project managers. They need something else.

Jaime Velez by Jaime Velez

No… the cloud is “not just someone else’s computer”

There is a common laptop sticker or underhanded tweet that says “the cloud is just someone else’s computer”. This is a defense mechanism against modernization and seeks to state that the existing environment is sufficient. It is often paired with the comment, “we have a private cloud”. The reality however is very different. 100% of […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Using Custom Themes In Power BI

An organization’s data needs often span beyond getting user-critical metrics and actions defined and then built into an appropriate report or dashboard. Marketing often wants a consistent look and feel associated with reports and dashboards to keep all customer-facing material consistent.

This article is for the Power BI user that wants to take there analytics polish to the next level. 

Jeff Lipkowitz by Jeff Lipkowitz

Using DAX Studio To Jump Start Your Data Dictionary

In the world of analytics, understanding and being able to define your data is king in any data project. Organizations often focus on the early stage around getting systems set up and the technology behind the data, but they easily lose focus on the metrics and key information the business needs and the process to govern their data. 

Jeff Lipkowitz by Jeff Lipkowitz