Instance Security Center

Introduced in the Madrid release of ServiceNow, Instance Security Center is a new and improved version of the instance security dashboard that was introduced in Jakarta. The new security center gives you a Centralized Compliance view of security PKIs that will allow you to get a baseline of the security events in your instance every day. Additionally, Security Center provides you with a daily compliance Score, Predefined Audit Control Categories, Built-in Remediation guidance, email tracking.

Rob Plank by Rob Plank

Introduction into using .NET Core with Swagger Documentation

Over the past week something wonderful I have learned and come across is the idea off documenting the software that can help build which helps makes the code more manageable as well and readable by others in the Industry. SwaggerUI specifically allows for anyone whether it’s the development team or the end consumer. It allows by using REST API calls that are visualized to see all the resources without the logic in place.

Sonny Darji by Sonny Darji