Insights Your customers are expecting more…

Your customers are expecting more…

Is this your customer service experience? 👇 You have the opportunity with AI to tremendously improve the customer relationship… here’s how:

1. Meet the customer where they are… 😡 understand the state of the customer at the point of time they are experiencing it. In this case, the customer is upset and NOT getting what they need. The experience below, or even worse… just giving a phone number… is terrible. How can I understand the state of the customer and respond?

2. Asynchronous communication (read-chatbot) 📲 is an experience is an experience that provides semi-real-time satisfaction without the stress of being on an actual call. It also provides a better support experience for your actual customer service reps because customer sat is higher throughout the experience and limits the escalations.

3. Enable a chatbot with Generative AI… legacy chatbots are limited to boxes to click and basic communication. That doesn’t work anymore. The bar has been raised much higher. If you’re comparing search, you compare against Google. If you are comparing chat, you now compare against ChatGPT.

4. Enable real-time handoff to actual people. If the chatbot can’t answer the question, enable warm handoff to a customer support individual vs. require a switch. I’ve seen a few bots lately where I needed to transfer to a different tool and it was jarring.

5. Arm the customer support teams with back-end chatbots that help them answer questions faster. We’ve been building chatbots that are armed with support information from manuals, chats, etc. that facilitate faster time-to-resolution for customers.

There’s a race to addressing this experience in every customer service platform. Don’t be the one that is left behind.