Insights Windows 10 Universal Print Not Showing Up

Windows 10 Universal Print Not Showing Up

The team at Concurrency had made the transition to Zero Trust a couple years ago, with all laptops running Windows 10, Azure AD join, Intune managed, guest network joined, etc. The other day I had a reason to print a document, something that I haven’t done professionally in well over five years. Unfortunately, when searching to add a printer using Universal Print, the printers didn’t show up. The option “search universal print for printers” wasn’t showing up and as a result I couldn’t add the printers. We tried rebooting, re-applying permissions, and validating registry settings, such as the following:

 In talking with IT, we found that my laptop was not updating properly. Specifically, it wasn’t applying Windows 10, version 20H2. The following error was showing up in the Windows Update:

So, I went an manually deployed the update Windows 10, version 20H2. This allowed the other updates to install automatically. After installing the updates and the required reboots, they then showed up.

Hopefully this gets you printing! (now… WHY we need to still print is still a problem)