Insights Windows 10 GPOs and more

Windows 10 GPOs and more

Here are a few links that I send to my customers who are starting to manage and tweak Windows 10.  Most of the items below are GPO related.  I also included how to modify the Start menu, and a nice script on GitHub that has many different settings that can be changed in Windows 10 (using PowerShell).  I hope these help you get started with Windows 10.

When creating a Win10 image, the script in the link below can be handy. At the minimum, you can see a bunch of settings you can turn on or off in Win10.  If you see something here that interests you, then you should consider finding the GPO that adjusts that setting and apply it using the spreadsheet in the link further below.

The following are other links that will help with Win10 GPOs.
GPO items that apply only to Win10 Enterprise and EDU:
Download link for latest GPO reference spreadsheet (you can sort by when each policy was released):
Administrative Template download site:

Start menu layout:
Creating XML:
Adding to GPO:

Disable “Check online for updates”:
Turn off Creators update notification:

Below is a list of about 13 GPOs to consider starting with.  You can do a search for the name in the spreadsheet that has all the GPOs (above) if you need to see what the descriptions is for these.  Please research for yourself what each does before you implement them into your environment.