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Want Off of your LAN Drives and Hard Drives? Here’s ONE way to get started.

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It’s very common today to want to search and collaborate on content that’s still sitting on Local Area Network (LAN) drives or a hard drives. Perhaps you own and would like to move your content to Microsoft SharePoint but haven’t the time or resources this year. Here’s ONE way to get started… try using Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business found in Office365. The biggest benefit by far of using OneDrive is the ability to work and collaborate with others, even with people who don't have a OneDrive account or the latest version of Office. Here are a few additional benefits as well:
  • Edit Office documents at the same time as others
  • Online viewing and editing for Office documents
  • Create and share folders
  • Work seamlessly with Microsoft Office across PC, Mac, and web
Once your content is on OneDrive, it’s much easier to move it when ready to SharePoint.  OneDrive_CTA

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