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SharePoint Summit 2015 Materials

Author by Drew Madelung

I had the chance to participate in Concurrency's first ever SharePoint Summit that crossed multiple cities in the Midwest.  There was awesome audience participation with some great questions. It was great to get out in the community and speak about some of the new collaboration features available and also learn from the attendees about their business challenges.  When doing these presentations it is always interesting to gauge the different versions of SharePoint that companies are currently using.  We only had 1-2 companies still using SharePoint 2007 with the majority onto SharePoint 2013.  As far as Office 365, there was about 15-20% who are actively using it with multiple companies investigating it for future phases. 

A primary takeaway that I had was the outstanding turnout at all locations.  Every room was full and extra chairs had to be added.  I believe this was a big takeaway because it shows the immense interest in all things SharePoint across all industries.  If there was any concerns whether SharePoint was being utilized this was easily proven false.  SharePoint is big and here to stay.

We did record one of these sessions and I will update this post once it has been edited.  I wanted to get this put out right away to provide the slides to whomever is interested.  Here is the agenda that was discussed.

  • Productivity and Collaboration moving forward, strategy and business challenges
  • What you need to know about SharePoint Server 2016
  • Office 365 and Next-Gen Portals
  • Enterprise content management using scan & capture
  • Increasing engagement through business relevant applications
  • User experience, mobility and analytics
  • SharePoint Roadmap, How do we get started?

Here is the link to the slides.


Concurrency SharePoint Summit 2015 Slides

If you have any questions, please reach out via email/twitter!


Drew Madelung

Technical Architect