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SharePoint Conference 2014 in Review [Podcast]

Author by Pete Hurth

Subscribe to Podcast RSS or Subscribe in iTunes. [caption id="attachment_25748" align="alignright" width="210"]Matt Engibous  Photo Matt Engibous - System Engineer[/caption] Matt Engibous and Peter Hurth share their first-hand experiences from attending the SharePoint Conference 2014, which took place in Las Vegas on March 3rd. [display_podcast] Matt shares about the following:
Growth in the past 12 months
  • 500% user growth in SharePoint online
  • Office 365 generates $1.5 billion in annual revenue
  • 60% of Fortune 500 companies have adopted Office 365 in the past year
  • Office 365 is the fastest growing commercial product in Microsoft's history.  (once held by SharePoint)
The conference was Kicked off with President Bill Clinton doing the keynote, who made these two points:
  • Tech has helped the world, Cell phones and internet have revolutionized the way we help each other
  • You know, and the burden of knowledge is responsibility
Microsoft is introducing Next-gen portals - Easy, fast, templates to deliver content to end users.
Office 365 Video Portal - Available later in 2014
  • Video has become requirement for SharePoint portals
  • An out the box enterprise video streaming portal that is ready to use.
  • Built on SharePoint online with backend using Azure Media services - This was used to stream video of the London and Sochi Olympics.
  • Portal with channels of video, spotlight videos, popular/trending videos  Marketing and Training
  • Adaptive video streaming (based on bandwidth sends that quality of video to device)
  • Mobile phone apps coming
Service Pack 1  for SharePoint 2013 came out
  • Support for Server 2012 R2 (not for SQL2014 that's in the April 2014 CU)
  • Remember install that in dev first not straight to prod
  • As of yesterday (4/3/14) Microsoft pulled SP1 for SharePoint 2013 download, due to a newly found problem, which they are fixing. Stay tunned for the update.
New on-prem of SharePoint and Exchange coming in 2015
  • Has added 1 TB site collection
  • Infinite scale with Azure based storage
[caption id="attachment_25749" align="alignright" width="217"]Peter Hurth Photo Peter Hurth - Social Collaboration Consultant[/caption] Pete shares from the conference social collaboration highlights
Project Oslo - a new concept application which presents your work content to you based on your relationships to others.
  • "Presentations given to me"
  • "Stuff my colleagues are reading"
OfficeGraph - the new technology which makes this possible. Creates and maintains the social links between disparate sources of content. Brings everything together for a user. Will work across Office, SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, and Yammer.
Yammer integration with SharePoint and more -
  • groups, cross Yammer, Outlook, Office, SharePoint
  • Social conversations in-line with SharePoint, Office, and Dynamics content
  • SP1 allows on-prem SharePoint to use Yammer as primary social networking tool
OneDrive for Business
  • SkyDrive Pro change to OneDrive for Business (Personal storage, Sync client and work offline with content)
  • Seamless hybrid connection to OneDrive for business in O365, can redirect on-prem one drive to the cloud for a hybrid.  You can use audience targeting to keep some in the cloud and others on-prem.
Demonstrating a continued commitment to alternate platforms, the new Android SDK for Office 365 allows developers to more easily bake in support for MS cloud services.
All the SPC14 recorded sessions are available on
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Pete Hurth

Social Collaboration Solution Lead