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Product Catalog and IT Service Management SharePoint Fest Slides

Author by Drew Madelung

It was great to present at the recent SharePoint Fest in Chicago on utilizing the Product Catalog feature in a real world IT Service Management scenario.  Here is the description of our session and the link to our slides:

2014-12-10 13_55_57-PowerPoint Slide Show - [Product Catalog - SP Fest Chicago.pptx]

The product catalog is a great new feature in SharePoint 2013. The product catalog is for more than just products and WCM for Internet sites. We'll talk about creating a product catalog in Office365 or SharePoint on-premises and primarily focus on the use case of building an IT Service Management portal. We'll cover this real world scenario for utilizing the product catalog in an NON product centric scenario and also cover the features, tips and tricks that make a product catalog a powerful solution.

Link to Slides!


Drew Madelung

Technical Architect