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Installing the CRM Online Spring '14 Product Update

Author by Catherine Franklin

CRM Online customers should have received notification that system wide maintenance will be applied to their system with no planned downtime. This maintenance will add the ability to install the product updates available in the Spring release including integrating Social Listening as well as significant updates to primarily Cases and Queues. This will be the first in a series of posts regarding the update and its new features. Installing the Product Updates THIS SERVICE PACK CANNOT BE UNINSTALLED SO MAKE SURE YOU TEST IN A NON-PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT PRIOR TO INSTALLING IT IN PRODUCTION. Once you receive email confirmation from Microsoft that the system-wide maintenance has been completed, go to Settings|Administration to see the two new options Microsoft Social Listening Configuration and Install Product Updates. 1_2014-05-27_1138 When you click the Install Product Updates button you get the option to review what is included in the release. Make sure to read through all documentation as this update will change default buttons, override custom buttons, update OOTB Saved Views, and also update Queue and Case forms: 2_2014-05-27_1140 After clicking the Update button, you get one more chance to Cancel the install: 3_2014-05-27_1145 As it’s installing, the CRM environment is not available. Microsoft gives you status on the progress of your update. In my experience, this update takes between 5-10 minutes to install: 4_2014-05-27_1146 You will get a Congratulations page when it is installed successfully. 5_2014-05-27_1149 Once installed you can go to Settings|Service Management to set up Case Settings and Service Terms: 6_2014-05-27_1205 Make sure to review the below links for information and check this blog for posts on the additional feature updates available in this Service Pack. Link to Product Update information Link to What’s New Customer Center Link to What’s New for Administrators

Catherine Franklin

Dynamics Solution Lead