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Hyper-V Disabling VSS Hardware Backups for Equallogic SANs

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

  I was recently working with a Data Protection Manager implementation and ran into an error where the system was not able to backup the Hyper-V host cluster.   The error we were receiving was "Failure occurred while adding one or more of the volumes involved in backup operation to snapshot set. Please check the event log on xxxxx to troubleshoot the issue." The issue was that the hardware VSS provider was installed for the SAN, but not configured.  The VSS provider was installed when the connection kit for the SAN was deployed to the Hyper-V hosts.  This can be installed if you wish to use the vendor's iSCSI tools vs. the Microsoft iSCSI initiator and MPIO stack.  We didn't want to enable hardware VSS in this case, so we needed to find the command. For the Equallogic SAN, the command was "C:Program FilesEqualLogicbin>eqlvss /unregserver" The other SAN providers will have different commands, but the process will be the same. Nathan Lasnoski

Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer