Getting to Know Intune for the SCCM Admin

Author by Matt Herman

If you follow SCCM news, you’ve heard the, “Intune is the future!” talk from Microsoft.  Before there is any public panic, let me state that SCCM isn’t going anywhere.  I don’t speak for Microsoft, but I am confident in my statement.  Many organizations have huge investments in SCCM and it is often the gateway for the rest of the System Center suite, so it doesn’t make sense for Microsoft to get rid of it.  However, SCCM is going to change, and Intune will be a big part of the changes to come in the next few years.  Here are some of the resources I’ve used to learn about Intune and I will keep adding links as I learn more.


Why Intune?

First and foremost, why bother with Intune?  I can say that it will be a major part of the future of SCCM, but it carries a lot more weight when Microsoft says it.  Well, Brad Anderson (@InTheCloudMSFT), Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Windows Server and System Center, does a great job of explaining how SCCM and Intune will work together and why SCCM Admins are the ones they are targeting for Intune.

Success with Enterprise Mobility: Empowering SCCM Admins


Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft’s Virtual Academy (@MSVirtAcademy) is a great resource that I see under-utilized by many IT professionals.  It won’t teach you everything, but the courses I have completed do a good job introducing new features and concepts, and Intune is no exception.  Here are a couple of the current courses available, as of July 2014.

System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager & Windows Intune
Windows Intune for IT Professionals Jump Start



If it is from Microsoft, you will find a lot of details on Technet.  This can be dry reading, but it is good information that is updated regularly.

Documentation Library for Windows Intune



To be honest, there are not a lot of good blogs out there on Intune.  I’ve read others, but nothing else that I would recommend, yet.  I’ll keep updating this section as I see more blogs posted.

Windows Intune & ConfigMgr 2012 : Notes from the field around Compliance Settings and enrollment

From Kenny Buntinx (@KennyBuntinx) Enterprise Client Management MVP


Matt Herman

Technical Architect