Insights ServiceNow Knowledge Base Internationalization

ServiceNow Knowledge Base Internationalization

Target User

Who would normally be interested in using ServiceNow knowledge internationalization plugin?  The answer is the organization that has multiple languages users within it. As we know, the knowledge base can help the organization reduce the number of incident tickets. If the knowledge base can support multiple languages, it will generate huge benefits for the multinational organization!

What can the ServiceNow Knowledge Base Internationalization plugin do?

There are two main functions if the multination organization uses the knowledge base internationalization plugin. First, it allows the knowledge management team to create language-specific knowledge articles and keep translations of the same article related to each other. Second, it allows user can view and search within their own language.

Getting Started

Two plugins require to activate in the ServiceNow instance.

  • I18N: Knowledge Management Internationalization v2 plugin
  • Internationalization plugins for each appropriate language

Activate Plugins

Enter “v_plugin.list” in the navigation field.

Search “I18N: Knowledge Management Internationalization v2 plugin” and “Internationalization plugins for each appropriate language”

In the below example, I am going to use “I18N: Simplified Chinese Translations” for internationalization plugins for each appropriate language. 


Translation Article

After the plugins are activated, lets navigate to one of your knowledge articles in the ServiceNow instance. Note: There is new section that appears titled “Translated Versions”.

Click “Translated version tab” and Click “New”. It will open new form. In knowledge form, change language “English” to “Chinese”. Fill out the short description and article body using the specific language you want to use for this knowledge article. Note: you must activate “Internationalization plugins” for language you want to use.

After you have published the article, view the knowledge article you just published. Note: There is now a languages button at the top.


Search in multiple language

Finally, we are going to test if

  1. Lets enable multi language search function. Navigate to Knowledge Administration > Properties > Enable multi language search.
  2. Try searching Chinese words in the knowledge portal.

Once again success!

In summary, ServiceNow has very good multiple language plugin functions. It is easy and very convenient for users. However, keep in mind.