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CRM Permission Eccentricities: Qualify a Lead

Author by Dan Fink

It seems that at least a couple times a month I find myself troubleshooting some odd CRM Permission Eccentricities, which usually involve a series of binary trial and error searches through the permissions to try and narrow down the area in the Security Role that’s needed. Assuming these types of issues keep arising, I’ll keep writing about them in hopes that this can become a series of posts to clarify the minimum permissions needed for specific actions in CRM. Today’s eccentricity will focus on when a user needs to Qualify a Lead.

In order to Qualify a Lead in CRM, the user will obviously need at least User level Read/Write/Create permissions on the Account, Opportunity, Contact, and Lead entities. With just these, a user should be able to create Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, and Leads individually, however if they try to Qualify a Lead, they will receive an Insufficient Permissions error. This can be confusing as a user seems to be able to create a record of each entity type without issue, but the process of Qualifying the Lead and having it automatically create these records will throw an error. Thanks to about 20 trial and error test to narrow it down, I’ve documented below the additional permissions that are required to Qualify a Lead in CRM. Grant these (at a minumum) to a role, and it should fix that Insufficient Permissions issue when using the Qualify button.



Dan Fink

Senior System Engineer