Insights R Visuals in Power BI

R Visuals in Power BI

Power BI comes with several visual tools for users. However, there is an array of other visuals to be downloaded from the marketplace. One of these is a box plot, which is a graphic that I commonly use in my mathematics and statistics classes. I wrote the following code in R Studio, a statistical programming language. It gives an in-depth example of how to create a modified box plot in R.

Hopefully my green comments help your understanding. The below graph is what is produced after running this code.

In R Studio, you can graph many other visuals that are not automatically imported into Power BI. Some include one variable graphs, two variable graphs, three variable graphs, graphical primitives, coordinate systems, grids, and so many more. With the help of ggplot2, these graphs are clean, easy to understand, and most importantly, fun to make! 🙂