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Manufacturing IP Solutions

Author by Stephanie Siewert

Today, Concurrency CTO Nathan Lasnoski hosted a Manufacturing IP Solutions webinar to showcase technology solutions proven to drive business outcomes for manufacturers. Nathan was joined by Microsoft Manufacturing Industry Executive Michael Walton, who discussed his perspective on each solution and how manufacturers can leverage them to optimize supply chains, improve forecast accuracy, increase customer engagement and more. 


"During COVID, I've witnessed some customers who have been 30 to 40 percent off their revenue," Walton commented. "Then they started two or three new lines that have bridged that gap of new line revenue. They've been able to do it with insights to their own data." 

As the global pandemic continues, more and more manufacturers are looking to technology to help drive efficiencies and adjust operations based on rapidly changing marketplace conditions.  

Concurrency’s Manufacturing IP Solutions include: Demand & Inventory Forecasting, Inventory Location & Shipping Optimization, Small Customer Demand Prediction, Flash Quoting with Intelligent Agent, Flash Quote Bot Framework, Predictive Maintenance Manufacturing Framework, Product Picking AI, Product IoT Framework, Product Catalog and Customer Usage. 

These solutions provide manufacturers with the following business Outcomes and ROI: 

  • Create a more resilient supply chain: Azure Machine Learning and Kubernetes Services, Databricks and Power BI can help you better predict demand, improve forecast accuracy and optimize inventory levels and location. ROI: Lower inventory costs, reduced shipping costs.   

  • Build more agile factories: Azure Machine Learning, Kubernetes Services, IoT, Synapse and Bot Framework can help you transform product picking operations and optimize predictive maintenance. ROI: Reduced manufacturing costs/hour, maintenance costs and production downtime.  

  • Engage customers in new ways: Azure Machine Learning, Kubernetes Services, Synapse and Bot Framework can help you improve how and the speed at which you engage customers from the point of inquiry to delivery. ROI: Increased revenue due to improved responsiveness and customer service.  

  • Unlock innovation and develop new services: Azure IoT, Sphere, Synapse and Machine Learning provide better information to identify innovations and  
    surface “smart” product opportunities to increase market share or help you enter new markets.  
    ROI: Price increases as smart products command price premium and sales lift from product innovations.  

To view a recording of this webinar or learn more about how Manufacturing IP Solutions can benefit your organization, email