An easy way to access your OneDrive for Business site

Author by Drew Madelung

OneDrive for Business provides anywhere access to all of your files across Office 365. There is a handy tip I learned for accessing your OneDrive for Business site that I wanted to pass along. 

OneDrive for Business is powered by SharePoint behind the scenes. Every personal site is actually a SharePoint Online site collection. Because of this relationship, your OneDrive site will need to follow certain standards that SharePoint provides. One of these things is the URL. A OneDrive site url is constructed in this format:

Now this is something that you wouldn't want to remember, especially if you are working with multiple tenants. Luckily there is a URL that you can use to access your OneDrive site that is very easy to remember. Instead of using the full URL, you can actually use this format:


How easy is that? 



Drew Madelung

Technical Architect